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Virtual Parties are a great way to "LEARN while you EARN." You have the opportunity to assist customers in learning about and purchasing product, book their own Virtual Party and where you plant seeds for Sponsoring - as your Host and their guests see the Consultant job-description in action!

Help your Host and guests experience the fun and rewards of Virtual Parties by properly planning ahead with effective communication. Be sure to to speak with your Host several times before the party to get them excited, and to give your Host specific action steps that will help them prepare for the role they will play in their event. 

1. Personalize the invitations to each of their guests

Ask them to invite 10-50 guests. The goal is to make each guest feel special and part of a small group of friends they have chosen to attend their JewelScent Virtual Party. Identify 10 VIP guests – Make a special invitation to those special people that your Host would love to have at her side. *Offer your Host an incentive to have a specific # of RSVP and attendees (10-50).

Encourage your Host to share the Virtual Party link on their personal Facebook page, and send an email to family and friends that might not be on their Facebook page.

Ask them to tell their guests that “On the first day (Consultant name) is going to share with everyone what partner brands will be featured during the Virtual Party and some fun ways they can participate to earn different giveaways."

Ask your Host to personally reach out to each invited guest to confirm their attendance by assuring they have selected either “YES” or “MAYBE”. This will allow the guests to see all of your posts.

Remind your Host to follow up with each invited guest 2 days prior to the Virtual Party via Facebook and text. For example: “My Virtual Party starts in 2 days and I’m so excited to share JewelScent with you!”

2. Three (3) outside orders

Coach your Host on how to collect orders from guests who may not be able to attend. Offer to follow up with each person who cannot attend and answer any questions they might have about JewelScent. Check to see if there’s anything they’d like to order and be prepared to share three (3) of your favorite products/best sellers.

3. FREE Items

Help your Host identify the FREE items they would like to receive from their Virtual Party and together you can work towards those goals.

Follow up with your Host the day of the party - sharing how excited you are about them seeing and experiencing JewelScent first hand. Remind them that if their guests want any samples/ giveaways they need to be signed in at the beginning of the Virtual Party. Network with your Leader and other Consultants who have consistently strong Virtual Party results. Then, create a simple but effective way to coach EVERY Host to high attendance, sales, bookings and potential New Consultants.


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