During the party

Talk about a different product, brand, and item that you love every day of your Host's Virtual Party. Make your posts personal: use photos of your kids, pets, or the decor of your home. This helps the guests to know you better and it adds to the fun. Ask your Host to be prepared to candidly share their enthusiasm for JewelScent during their Virtual Party. Their enthusiasm is sure to influence sales and bookings when the guests hear the Host being so excited and passionate about all that JewelScent has to offer.

Ask Me Questions

Give points to everyone who asks you a question about JewelScent. The guest with the most points WINS (a prize)! This is another good way to identify future Hosts and prospective new Consultants.

Sign Guestbook

Encourage guests to sign the guestbook for a prize: (x) number of guests have to have signed in to be eligible.

Send Samples

Everyone likes free samples! This also gives you a chance to collect their information (email/home addresses and phone number) so you can follow up after the party. Remember how important a personal touch is! ALWAYS follow up with all participants to hear their reactions to the different products. It’s so important to provide any/all information on all of the partner brands that are featured in your boutique. In order for customers to feel comfortable and want to shop from you, they need to know that you are there to assist them during the party.

Post Wishlist

Post the Host’s wish list so their guests know what the Host wants to earn from their Virtual Party. Update the Virtual Party order status so they will know what the Host still needs to get to the next level. This will help to keep the Virtual Party exciting and interactive. Personally, thank each guest for their order.

Pick a Date

“Pick a Date, Pick a Prize.”  Take a picture of 3-5 envelopes with your next available open dates on them. Inside the envelope write what they’ll receive from you - when they book their Virtual Party on that date. Post a picture or video of what they picked as you reveal the prize to all the other guests.


Have at least 1-3 giveaways during the duration of the Virtual Party. Explain that the more interaction you get, the more you give away. *Remember these giveaways are fun things to help you to interact with your guests.

Book Two New Hosts

Plant booking and sponsoring seeds during the Host Coaching sessions, again in your welcome post and in-between your product posts. Identify one new Consultant during the Virtual Party, and share your interest in adding new Consultants to your Team. Your next new Consultant could be one of your new Hosts and/or one of their guests. After the Virtual Party, follow up after the Virtual Party, follow up with EACH guest and offer them another opportunity to be a Host or hear more about starting their own JewelScent business. Many bookings and sponsoring have come from following up with each guest after they attended a Virtual Party! The success of your future business is truly in your follow up! Make sure to send your first-time Hosts information on the partner brands that you have selected to showcase in your boutique. Be sure to include a list of some of your favorite products and why. Your First-time Hosts will invite their Virtual Party guests with more excitement as they share their love and excitement for JewelScent. Host Coaching is the most important part of holding Virtual Parties. The more Virtual Parties you hold, the better you will become at Host Coaching. And when your Host knows you are partnering with them to have the best Virtual Party ever, they will encourage their guests to book their own Virtual Party.

Check in on your Party

If a Host doesn’t see many orders coming in, they may get discouraged and give up. Be sure you’re paying attention and checking in regularly, giving them tips and posts, to draw their guests into the party. It’s important to guide, lead and encourage them during the event.

Be available to answer any questions. Be sure to join in and share your knowledge of the product and helpful tips. (i.e.: How to use our products in different ways). You’ll be a big part of generating the excitement with all that you share during the event. By doing so, you will quickly build relationships through the interaction you will have with them. This will also lead to increased opportunities to get additional bookings and to share the JewelScent income opportunity.

Thank Everyone For Attending

Be sure to thank your guests for attending, purchasing, and supporting your Host. Finish answering any questions and wrap up conversations with guests. Remember: Don’t let the party close without getting at least two (2) NEW bookings!


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