New Consultant Onboarding Emails

Day 2 Part 1: it's time to party with JewelScent!

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It's time for your Launch Party! As a JewelScent Consultant, you have the opportunity to create and hold Virtual Parties and Home Shows with JewelScent and our sister company Legacy Designs. At a Launch Party, you are both the Host and the Consultant, and you’ll learn firsthand what a Host does to prepare for a successful Party. Get ready to sell product, meet new customers, and book future Parties. It’s also an opportunity to identify your next New Consultant, train your team, and build relationships with your party hosts and guests. Even if you signed up to be a Personal Shopper, a launch party is a great way to share JewelScent with family and friends!

Everything you need to do to grow a successful business, can be done through a Virtual Party/Home Show. It’s your “All-in-One” business activity. But, how do you get started?

A FRANKS list is a quick and easy way to think of people in the various parts of your life. Use your FRANKS List and your Facebook friends to create your personal guest list. You’ll want to be strategic about who you invite – personally invite 10-30 guests so they feel appreciated, valued and honored to attend. 


The rewards earned for JewelScent Virtual Parties are calculated when orders are placed and are credited to the Host's account once the orders have shipped. The Host will receive Reward Points depending on the volume of sales. The rewards are listed below.


Read more about how to prepare for your successful Launch Party by  clicking the link below, and heading over to the Training section in your Resource Center.

For additional information on Virtual and Home Parties, click the links below!

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