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Day 5: Let's Get Your Party Started!

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In addition to your Launch Party … you will want to reach out to those family and friends on your FRANKS List that you know will support your new business and host a party!  Remember the Host Rewards Chart?  Not only are they supporting you, they are earning FREE and discounted products just for hosting a party.

Regardless of the type of party they host: Virtual Party, Home Show, Share and Earn, you will want to establish a Party Link so the sales will be calculated and create the Party Rewards!

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  • Face to face interaction

  • Experience our delightful products first hand

  • Less time involved

  • More spontaneous purchasing

Virtual Parties are fun! They’re easy to host and attend! When in doubt about anything in your business, book and hold a Virtual Party! Nine out of ten times, you will walk away refreshed, excited and with money in your wallet!

It’s easy to launch your JewelScent Virtual Party. You can set up your first Virtual Party in less than five minutes!

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