New Consultant Onboarding Emails

Day 7: Explore the world of gemstra and our partner brands

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In aligning with the vision and mission of gemstra, it is important that you have the opportunity to create your own personalized, shoppable gallery, linked to the exact product available on your site. In order to get started, head to your Backoffice, select Manage Catalog, and begin to enable which of the product offerings from our Partner Brands that you would like to offer in your boutique. 

It's time for your Launch Party! As a gemstra Consultant, you have the opportunity to create and hold Virtual Parties through our Partner Brand, JewelScent. At a Launch Party, you are both the Host and the Consultant, and you’ll learn firsthand what a Host does to prepare for a successful Virtual Party. Get ready to sell product, meet new customers, and book future Virtual Parties. It’s an opportunity to identify your next New Consultant, train your team, and build relationships.


Now it’s time to take advantage of your ability to better organize your gemstra boutique and highlight the products as you wish to have them displayed for your customers. In order to properly rearrange the products in your boutique, click the link below to learn how!


Are you ready to add value to your boutique? Let’s transform your boutique into an attractive and interactive shopping experience by uploading your own photos and recommendations. Let’s get started on creating your personalized boutique today!

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