How many Reward Points can I earn from hosting a Social?


As of March 13, 2019, we now offer two (2) different types of online Socials that pays out Reward Points! Each Social is designed to offer the Host (or participants) a different set of Rewards based on the sales captured from the event. Check out the description of each Social and its corresponding Rewards down below to see which one best fits your needs today!

Virtual Party

Your friends and family can now help Hosts earn a free item onsite today! A single Host can now earn anywhere between 14-22% of a Virtual Party Social sales in Reward Points based on the closing sales of a VP! Check out the Rewards chart below for personal reference!


Group Buy

Encouraging your friends and family to purchase within a Group Buy Social now pays Rewards to all participants who submit a minimum $40 order. Each participant can now earn anywhere between 15-60 Reward Points based on their spend against the Social’s total sales. Check out the Rewards chart below!


Learn more about the reward tiers by logging into your account at and visiting Account > Create a Virtual Party/Group Buy > About Rewards.

Linda Nguyen