I received an undervalued ring inside my product. What do I do?

Oh no!  Our starting values may vary across different product categories as defined below:

Minimum $20.00 Rings:

  1. Classic Collection Candles
  2. Trio Collection Candles
  3. Body Scrubs
  4. Body Creme

Minimum $40 Rings:

  1. Luxe Collection Candles

Minimum $15 Rings:

  1. Jewelry Wax Tarts
  2. Aroma Beads
  3. Soaps

Disclaimer: Essentials Category are ringless.

If a ring found within your product does not reach the minimum benchmark defined above, we'll let you keep the ring in addition to sending out a ring in the correct starting value!  We simply ask that you e-mail our Customer Experience Team at hello@gemstra.com to verify the following details for us:

-The order ID number in reference
-The product scent/size in reference
-A photo of the product that the ring was discovered in
-A photo of the ring found (with tags attached showing size/appraisal code)

Once we have received this, we'll escalate a claims case on your behalf for further review and processing for a ring replacement!