My guest’s order was not linked to my Virtual Party. What do I do?

Contact our Customer Support team immediately by either writing to or calling us during business hours by dialing 1-800-550-1762 any time between 9am-4:30pm PT, Monday through Friday.  In order for us to link an order to a Virtual Party, you must meet the following criteria:

1.     The Virtual Party must still be active.
2.     The order must not already be linked to another Virtual Party
3.     The order must have been placed between the start and end date of the Virtual Party

If your request falls within these criteria, simply provide us with the following details and our team would be more than happy to make the transfer:

·       The order ID number
·       The purchaser’s First and Last Name
·       The Virtual Party ID number

If your order does not meet these criteria, we will not be able to transfer the order into a Virtual Party.