Announcements & Recognition - February 2019

There are many ways of going forward, but only one way of standing still.

February is the shortest month of the calendar year, which is even more of a reason to make every day count!  With several announced changes and updates throughout this month, it’s important to be reminded of all the resources made available to you by the Corporate office.  Let’s go over some of the new, fun and exciting features that are now live!

NEW Pre-Sale Schedule

To ensure that Consultants have a higher chance of receiving their products before their customers do, we announced a new Pre-Sale schedule during our 2019 GEM Conference and we wanted to remind our field how this new schedule operates to help mitigate any confusion!

Consultants now have five (5) full days to grab new products instead of the previously offered 48-hour window, which will provide ample time for your order(s) to arrive before your customers receive theirs!  Take advantage of the added 12.5% discount (30% off retail) and stock up before the Pre-Sale period ends! All orders captured during these five days will begin shipping out throughout the following week. During this week, these new items will not be available for additional purchase until the public launch scheduled exactly two (2) weeks after the Pre-Sale launch.

Hydrate & Nourish Jewelry Bath Bombs, public launch today!

Soak your skin in a luxurious, relaxing and intoxicatingly fragrant bath with our brand new Jewelry Bath Bombs!  Peppered with pink himalayan salts and colloidal oatmeal, you’ll add a touch of rejuvenation and moisture to every inch of your skin.  If you took advantage of our new Pre-Sale schedule, these bath bombs should be making its way to your doors any day now if it already hasn’t and your customers will be able to snag some for themselves starting today!

Men’s LUXE Collection - Available NOW!

For the first time since JewelScent opened doors, we are aiming to reel our men in!  With our newly launched Men’s LUXE Collection, we now offer 3 new jewelry candles made with those popular sought-after masculine scents. Packaged alongside these beautiful hand-crafted candles is a men’s styled ring--each one valued at $40 and up!  This is the perfect opportunity to partner with your husbands and turn this into a joint business or personally sponsor your male friends and acquaintances from your FRANKs list!

New training available in your Resources Center!

To partner with you in building your business, we are revamping our Resources Center and always adding and updating information within it!  We highly encourage all Consultants to fully utilize the resources available for your business needs in addition to referring new Consultants to our New Consultant Training.  Easily access training slides/videos, announcements and incentive flyers all in one go-to place!

Consultant Volume Buy

Replacing our previously offered Consultant Bulk Discounts, we are now offering The Volume Discount I, II, and III!  Pick and choose from any items onsite with no minimum requirements needed for each category! Mix and match your favorites on any purchase reaching $50, $150, or $250 to receive an added discount with no code necessary to redeem.  Receive the following added discount at checkout on top of your exclusive 20% discount the minute you reach the following spend limit:

  • Volume Discount I: +5% (Per $50 order)

  • Volume Discount II: +2.5% (Per $150 order)

  • Volume Discount III: +2.5% (Per $250 order)

Disclaimer: Cannot be stacked with other promotional offers.

This new discount was discussed during our quarterly training call with our VP Consultant Development, Amie Larson, and CEO, Jay Cheng a few weeks ago.  Watch and follow along at your convenience here!

Amie’s Words of Wisdom

It can be a slow process building your business but quitting won’t speed it up!

So what do you need to do to achieve success? BE ENGAGED with your business.

  1. Read your weekly email

  2. Understand the time of Consultant launches and Customer launches

  3. Know all new training and updates in order to be effective in your desired outcome

  4. Participate in the corporate Consultant Facebook page.

  5. Use the tools provided in the Resources Center located in the Back Office

Be TEACHABLE understand how to hold/host Virtual parties and Home shows because that is where you’ll be able to Book - Sell - Sponsor.

We cannot force someone to hear a message they are not ready to receive. BUT we must never underestimate the power of planting SEEDS!

February 2019 - top sponsoring

  1. Jessica Honacki - 4             5. Paula Ligregni - 2

  2. Tracy Haworth - 4               6. Samantha Bradley - 2

  3. Jennifer Childress - 3         7. Jennifer Rowell - 2

  4. Julie Colella - 2                   8. Sarah Rodriguez - 2

*Please note that tie breaker for top sponsoring is PQV.

February 2019 - Top Sales

  1. Bonnie Overfield - $2563.17                     11. Lacey Herman - $1169.50

  2. Jennifer Childress - $2555.40                   12. Paula Ligregni - $1113.72

  3. Helen Silvernail - $2324.85                      13. Stephanie Hobbs-Levine - $1058.83

  4. Dijuanna LeFurgey - $2028.09                14. Beth Horton - $1025.98

  5. Analiese Kennedy - $1938.85                   15. Brandi Willis - $1019.94

  6. Julie Colella - $1581.81                             16. Marjorie Cardinell - $1019.19

  7. Christy Neel - $1526.02                           17. Vicki Edgar - $1017.78

  8. Stephanie Souza - $1502.75                     18. Laura Clarke - $1010.35

  9. Michelle Latimer - $1309.92                   

  10. DaShawna Pellegrino - $1189.05

January 2019 rising stars

Rising star.png
  1. Jessica Honacki - $803.73 PQV and 3 qualified consultants within first 30 days

  2. Ramona Leith - $898.29 PQV within first 30 days

  3. Eileen Dykes - $877.71 PQV within first 30 days

*rising star achievements were done within first 30 days.

February 2019 seed achiever

Jessica Honacki - STRETCH

february 2019 top dgt points

  1. Helen SIlvernail - 590                                   11. Christy Neel - 360

  2. Jennifer Childress - 570                               12. Fran Currie - 340

  3. Bonnie Overfield - 570                                 13. Jessica Beane - 320

  4. Dijuana LeFurgey - 500                                14. Sarah Rodriguez - 320

  5. Brandi Willis - 445                                         15. Jessica Honacki - 315

  6. Marjorie Cardinell - 430                                16. Becky Bjerklie - 310

  7. Beth Horton - 420                                         17. Paula Ligregni - 305

  8. Analiese Kennedy - 395                                 18. Samantha Bradley - 290

  9. Jennifer Rowell - 360                                    19. Julie Vinet - 290

  10. Tamara Quaglino - 360                                20. Crystal Given - 280

*Please note DGT points are as of 3/5/19 and sponsoring points have not been added.