Memos & Recognition - March 2019

Don’t let yesterday take up too much of today.

Make sure that you’re subscribed to our mailing lists to receive weekly field memos from us! However, just in case you missed any, here are all of the announcements that were made in March 2019!


Available on March 4, 2019 at noon PT, everyone will have the chance to shake off the holiday chill and fill their home with the first peek of spring.  A mixture of mouthwatering fruits and floral favorites will create a light retreat for your loved ones. Available in three (3) categories across both the Jewelry and Essentials lines, this collection will definitely spark some personal favorites that will have you coming back for more!

Shop what’s left of this collection by clicking here!


We had some exciting new Incentives that were offered in January 2019 that could greatly benefit both you and your new personally Sponsored Consultants!  As a reminder, March will be the last month to take advantage of both the Sales/Sponsoring and Re-Sign Incentives! This will be the perfect opportunity to kickstart your 2020 Dream Getaway Trip and save your new Re-Signs twenty dollars ($20.00 USD) in monthly software fees!

To familiarize yourself with what these incentives include, we’ll relink those down below for your convenience!

  • Sales and Sponsoring Incentive - Jan | Feb | Mar 2019 - Click here to learn more!

  • Re-Sign Incentive - Jan | Feb | Mar 2019 - Click here to learn more!


Due to an influx of new Consultants joining our community, we wanted to reshare our Consultant commission pay schedule for our newcomers!  More information regarding how Consultants get paid can be reviewed in our Compensation Plan!

All of our personal sales commissions (20-35%) are paid out immediately after a sale has been made and available to our Consultants in the form of store credit.  This can be tracked through the Back Office’s Commissions / Earnings Report and also through the Account Credit Balance! These credits can be redeemed toward Consultant purchases used for supplies or personal inventory.  Any credits that have not been redeemed by the end of the pay period will be transferred to the Consultant’s Paylution account based on the following bi-monthly periods:

Personal Sales Commissions and Personal Volume Bonuses (sans redemption) earned between the 1st through the 15th of the month will be removed from the Account Credit Balance at midnight PST on the 16th and available in Paylution by the 25th of the same month.

Personal Sales Commissions and Personal Volume Bonuses (sans redemption) earned between the 16th through the last day of the month will be removed from the Account Credit Balance at midnight PST on the 1st of the following month and available in Paylution by the 10th of that month.  Eligible Team Commissions and Rank Bonuses will generate at midnight PST on the 1st of the following month based on your closed rank and will be reflected in this pay period as well.


The road to your dreams isn’t always easy to navigate, sometimes dotted with mountains to climb, obstacles to overcome—and hard, mind-numbing times that will make you feel like quitting. Just remember this if you get lost along the way: Anything worth having doesn’t come easy. So don’t turn back around. Don’t give up. Your Dreams may be achievable with just a couple of more steps.

“Do not wait; the time will never be ‘just right.’ Start where you stand, and work with whatever tools you may have at your command, and better tools will be found as you go along.” —George Herbert

JewelScent is in this journey with you and we are committed to building programs, support tools to enhance and grow the business you desire.

Amie Larson, VP Consultant Development


Take care of your skin during the tail end of this winter chill and keep your skin feeling soft, fragrant and moisturized.  Rejuvenating your skin and offering a touch of citrus and fruity aroma, our newest four (4) additions of body cremes is sure to enrich all your senses.  Make sure to grab one of our generous 5.5oz containers to keep in your trusty bag at all times! These new goodies will now be available to your customers as of 3/11/2019, noon PT!

Shop the new scents here!

NEW Jewelry Bath Bombs, Essentials Cubes, and Valencia Orange Signature LIVE!

Create a private retreat for yourself and immerse yourself in a sensual bath.  Top off this soak with a new seasonal candle that blends fruity notes and a touch of tartness.  With scents that you’ll want to keep year round, you’ll begin to see these products are now available for your friends and family to purchase!

Starting on 3/18/2019 at noon PDT, your customers will also receive the opportunity to build themselves a luxurious oasis.  Have them check out the newly launched items:

Soothe Jewelry Bath Bomb: Retail - $17.00
Glow Jewelry Bath Bomb: Retail - $17.00
Essentials Detox Bath Cubes: Retail - $9.00
Signature Valencia Orange Jewelry Candle: Retail - $24.00

(Prices are reflected at Member Retail in US Dollars.)

Business Materials Available in Resources Center

In case you’ve missed it, we’ve pulled all available training materials into one centralized location for ease of access!  Feel free to print, share, and link one another to the available training curated by our Consultant Development team. Use these materials to help keep your business and plans organized as you go back to basics!  Review as often as you’d like anytime and anywhere!

Visit any time through the Resources Center by clicking here!


"Don't just live, but live for a purpose bigger than yourself. Be an asset to your family, friends and your community.”

Never allow fear to stop you!


I hate snakes, bugs and flying anything/everything, but when my grandson said “Grandma you have to put the snake around your neck” I said ok, even though I did not want to.  I wanted my grandson to see that I was not going to allow my fear to win. P.S...  I knew I was safe because a trained handler was by my side. I never would have done it without his support and comfort that I was ok.


JewelScent has revolutionized the way Hosts and Consultants party online today.  We are now partnering with you to offer your Hosts a bigger Rewards payout in addition to offering more available social options.  From donating to charitable causes, gathering your friends and family for a joint group event in which everyone earns Rewards, or receiving a bigger payout from the traditional VP model, JewelScent has definitely upped the ante on how online Socials work. Hosts will be incentivized to share more to earn more.

You can begin exploring your options through your Accounts page any time, but feel free to follow along with our CEO, Jay Cheng, and VP Consultant Development, Amie Larson, in our LIVE training and announcement by clicking here!


Complementing the launch of our new Socials, Hosts now have new ways to redeem their hard earned Rewards!  In addition to being able to purchase items onsite, JewelScent and Legacy Design are now partnering to offer exclusive goodies in the Vault!  If you weren’t already shaking with excitement, check out the newly added exclusive items offered ONLY to Hosts today. Each JewelScent Exclusive Scent will include a minimum $40 ring to add to your Jewelry box.  Pair these jewels with exclusive pieces curated by our sister brand, Legacy Design, to create an entire look made for every single occasion!

Shop exclusive items in the Vault by clicking here!


Earning your trip just got easier!  We are re-introducing an option to convert earned Reward Points from Hosting Socials into Dream Getaway Trip Points.  Hosts have 90 days from the time Rewards are issued to either redeem them toward exclusive Vault items, toward JewelScent or Legacy Design products at checkout or moving them to the Dream Getaway Trip.  Conversion of points can be done through the Accounts page at!

Please be reminded that extensions are not offered for expired points and DGT points will not rollover into the following year and will expire at the end of the calendar year (11:59pm PT, December 31, 2019).  Once converted, DGT points cannot be moved back to Reward Points.


We understand that life happens and we all need some reminders.  Each time you miss a monthly payment toward your software fees, we’ll help keep you on top of it!  We have implemented a new notification setting that will be notifying a Consultant of a missed payment for up to 3 times over the course of fourteen (14) days from the time an invoice is declined.

Make sure never to lose access to key features (Back Office, Social platform, website links, etc.) that may disrupt your efforts to build your business due to nonpayment.  Failure to pay invoices on time may put your account at risk of being compressed out.


New training called “Working your business SMARTER, not harder” has been added to the Resources Center’s Business Materials for your convenience:  Click here to view.


We are now partnering with you to offer your customers the best available prices for the core scents offered in our two (2) popular categories: The Classic Candle Jewelry Collection and the Signature Candle Jewelry Collection!  With our new flexible pricing, we are putting more dollars into your pockets while offering your customers the opportunity to experience a luxury handcrafted candle for a fraction of the cost. The discounted prices reflected onsite are as follows:

Classic Candle Jewelry Collection - Retail: $28.00
Member Discount: $24.50
Consultant Discount: $19.60

Signature Candle Jewelry Collection - Retail: $24.00
Member Discount: $22.50
Consultant Discount: $18.00

Consultants can now charge the Retail rate of each candle at table-selling events plus $2-$3 per unit to cover any incurred shipping costs.  Customers who purchase through a table event can now save money buying in-person versus buying directly online. In turn, table-selling just got easier and more lucrative!

Example.) A Consultant earns $4.90 in personal commissions off of a single Classic Candle purchase submitted through his/her replicated website with the customer paying approximately $32.05/unit post-ship.  However, table-selling will yield $8.40 in personal commissions with the customer paying approximately $30/unit, creating a win/win situation for both the Consultant and the customer.

Note: Prices are reflected in US Dollars.  Table-selling prices may vary based on incurred tax/shipping costs.


Splash your way into the next season with rich colors and mouthwatering fruits offered in two (2) new Jewelry Bath Bombs ready to launch to the public this afternoon!  Exotic notes paired with an eye catching swirl of beautiful colors are sure to pique all your senses. Create an all-inclusive experience this Spring season for all of your loved ones with our new seasonal favorites!

Golden Pear Jewelry Bath Bomb - Retail: $18.00

This may not be the treasured golden egg, but this Golden Pear Jewelry Bath Bomb surely meets the gold standard! Drop this in your tub and watch as the water turns into a fun swirly mixture of yellow, pink and blue shades. Juicy pear notes mixed with tart apple, bergamot, and sheer florals in this delicate bouquet. Exotic sandalwood, golden amber and soft musk combine to create a lively scent!

Jelly Bean Jewelry Bath Bomb - Retail: $18.00

No Easter basket is complete without a sprinkling of jelly beans! With a burst of luscious fruity tones that resembles the gourmand confection, but without all the sugar, this bath bomb is the perfect alternative! Sweet peach and strawberry harmonize with tart wild cherry in this fruity combination. Hints of cinnamon, vanilla, and musk give it a warm undertone, to create a delightful candied bath bomb.

Note: Prices are reflected in US Dollars.

Shop these items here!


Last week, we launched two (2) beautiful Jewelry Classic Candles; Luscious Embrace and White Peach & Pomelo.  Plan early for your Spring needs--Easter and Mother’s Day is just around the corner! Whichever occasion you wish to highlight this season with your customers, JewelScent has you covered!  Production on these beauties has started and will be on the way to you soon!

Luscious Embrace Jewelry Classic Candle - Retail: $28.00

A gorgeous blend of lush spring florals infused with whiffs of fragrant melon, juicy pineapple, and green apple.  The slightest hint of rose anchors the moss note for an exquisite finish.

Shop this item here!

White Peach & Pomelo Jewelry Classic Candle - Retail: $28.00

Crisp and intoxicating, this bright mélange melds notes of Georgia white peach, green apple, citrus zest, and grapefruit.  Blooming jasmine and subtle musk ground out this marvelous scent.

Shop this item here!

Note: Prices are reflected in US Dollars.


As an Independent Consultant YOU get paid $$ on the value you invest into others, not your time!

How much value are you investing into your Customers and Host?

If you have sponsored someone, then how much time do you invest into them or your team?

What ZONE are you working your business from?

Comfort Zone - Safe and in Control

This Zone might be cozy and comfortable but it won’t allow you to grow or your business.

Fear Zone - Lack of Self-confidence, Find Excuses, Being Affected by Other’s Opinions

The Fear Zone will STOP you dead in your tracks. You will not be able to move forward and sometimes it paralyzes you from even moving back into your comfort zone. NEVER allow anyone to affect your Dreams, not even YOURSELF!

Learning Zone - Learning to Deal with Changes and Problems, Acquiring New Skills, Extending  your Comfort Zone

I LOVE the Learning Zone because it’s here that you will have the ability to learn and grow beyond your expectations as long as you are TEACHABLE to willing to learn and Stretch beyond your comfort zone.

Growing Zone - Finding PURPOSE, Living your DREAMS, Setting NEW GOALS and Conquering any OBJECTIVES

You can only work and live in your Growing Zone if you are committed to GROWING!

Your Legacy is based on how many hearts you touch…….. Choose to leave a LEGACY!


Purchase $1,500 PQV each month and sponsor 8 qualified new consultants between January - March

Jennifer Childress

march 2019 - top sponsoring

1. Jennifer Childress - 3
2. Kristin Ringler - 3
3. Sarah Campbell - 2
4. Julie Hurley - 2
5. Sadie Parrott - 2

*Please note that tie breaker for top sponsoring is PQV.

march 2019 - Top Sales

1. Helen Silvernail - $3,026.82
2. Jennifer Childress - $2,555.84
3. Dijuanna LeFurgey - $2,031.41
4. Laura Clarke - $1,691.30
5. Analiese Kennedy - $1,610.06
6. Bonnie Overfield - $1,51343
7. Sarah Campbell - $1,513.17
8. Marjorie Cardinell - $1,508.79
9. Christy Neel - $1,502.09
10. Terri Lynn Hickey - $1,330.58

March 2019 - Rank Advancement

Garnet -

Shelia Burts
Paula Ligregni

Amethyst -

Paula Ligregni
Analiese Kennedy

Sapphire -

Bonnie Overfield

february 2019 rising stars

Rising star.png
  1. Becky Frisbie- $1,306.09 PQV within first 30 days

  2. Terri Lynn Hickey - $1,059.15 PQV within first 30 days

  3. Shay Brown - $733.75 PQV within first 30 days

*rising star achievements were done within first 30 days.

march 2019 seed achiever

STRETCH - Sarah Campbell

march 2019 top dgt points

1. Jennifer Childress - 1585
2. Helen Silvernail - 1460
3. Bonnie Overfield - 1435
4. Analiese Kennedy - 1070
5. Dijuanna LeFurgey - 960
6. Marjorie Cardinell - 860
7. DaShawna Pellegrino - 725
8. Paula Ligregni - 687.5
9. Stephanie Souza - 620
10. Laura Clarke - 590
11. Brandi Willis - 550
12. Sarah Rodriguez - 523
13. Christy Neel - 520
14. Beth Horton - 515

*Please note DGT points are as of 3/5/19 and sponsoring points have not been added.