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“The difference between winning and losing is most often not quitting.”


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SOCIAL MEDIA - Is it HELPING or HURTING your Business???

With Social Media being the avenue in which we are all connecting on, remember that others are always watching YOU. Be mindful of what you’re saying even if you're not saying anything. What are you really saying through your personal as well as business posts, pictures or even absence?

You reveal your values

What you post—or comment on—can give a stranger a glimpse into what you believe in. This is not only true in your private account but as well on your business page. If you're posting very opinionated articles, you may discourage possible new business opportunities. Based on your comments, a viewer can learn a lot about your beliefs and values. People can tell what you find entertaining and what you find frustrating. Ask yourself this question: How would you view yourself by what you’re posting? Is that how you want to be viewed?

Be genuine say what you actually mean

One foolproof way to make sure you're sending the right message to your family, friends, and customers is to be very clear, specific as well as direct. This might be easier said than done, don’t allow the opportunity for someone to misinterpret what you are trying to communicate. Feel free to state your feelings such as, 'I am so happy now!' 'I've been having a relaxing day,' etc. to help decrease the chances of people assuming or guessing what you're feeling, which frequently is incorrect.

Never Gossiping

Have you ever heard this saying: If you can't say anything kind-hearted (NICE), bite your tongue and move on. Words can be very hurtful even if said in fun. You never know what the person on the other end is feeling or going through and how your words might impact them.

Paint a true photo of your life

Just like you can't read your best friend's or your partner's mind (no matter how hard you try!), there's no way to know how someone is going to react to what you post. But one surefire way to make people roll their eyes (or maybe even chat about you to others) is if you paint your life to be something it is not. Everyone has struggles, and it's often comforting to know your friends also had a bad day at work, got a speeding ticket, spilled coffee down their shirt, or didn't lose those last five pounds as planned. If you are always posting the things you are doing right, and all the ways your life is amazing, you might be painting a half truth picture. Be real, don’t be 100% of either! We don’t live in a perfect world living the perfect life and everything is not always “Doom & Gloom”.

DON’T BE A SAD SACK EITHER - “Negative Nelly”!

Don’t be that one that is complaining, moaning, and using that hysterical emoji as a way to share what is happening in your life/business. Posting things like 'ugh, I hate Monday' or 'of course this would happen to me...', you don’t need to tell the world that you are not a happy person everyday. There is enough negativity in our lives, and while there may have been five bad things that happened to you that day, there were also probably five good things that happened as well. BUT you have to stop and sometimes look for them. Choose to post those and focus on them—or at least do half and half. Doing so will change your social media feed and your outlook on life. Don’t rain on others because they may not have an umbrella in sight.

Your tone matters (and shows)

It's not always easy to read between the thin lines of  the texted posts on Facebook or if you're expressing how you really feel (with proper punctuation) in 140 characters. Because of this, communicating effectively can be tricky, because you can inadvertently come across as snippy just by using a period instead of an exclamation mark. People can get a sense of your personality and how you treat others by the way you phrase your comments that you make. The QUESTION, then becomes: Are you kind and positive or rude and demeaning when you post/comment? One way to change your social media tone is to say it out loud first, before you type it out and make it public. It appears that people can be cruel, mean and rude over social media channels more than they ever would be in person. This can give us a view of someone that is not actually accurate, or one that you may not want to engage with. Are you drawing people to you or pushing them away?

Take time to celebrate others

The biggest keyword in social media is "SOCIAL"—meaning you should always make an effort to interact. If the only way you interact with others is to "like" or respond with an emoji you’re not saying much. Take a minute to be apart of someone else’s life. Take time to make more of an effort to congratulate others or offer words of encouragement instead. But never allow yourself to comment on a post in a negative way or get yourself into arguments regarding content you don't agree with. I think there are the posts that, try as we may, we cannot resist putting our two cents in. But this can be done in a positive way! Be that someone ready to share in someone else's joy and good news, by offering a word of encouragement.

Getting into political rants can ostracize others (even ones who agree with you)

It's a politically-charged time to be engaging on social media. Here's the thing: It's okay to promote what you believe and stand up for, your values, but when you get to the point of screaming, you probably need to take a breath and consider another way to contribute to the world, offline. One could come across as angry by posting rude or demeaning comments on somebody's post sharing an opposing viewpoint. It's one thing to be passionate about your beliefs but it is another thing to be rude and forceful to the point where you lose relationships over your beliefs. It's important to remember that diversity is everywhere, whether you like it or not. Not everyone is going to think the same way as you and you're not going to change that."

Pause before posting

If you want to make sure your posts reflect who you are, a good guideline to follow, is to take a breath before clicking. Before posting something, ask yourself: Is this going to add positivity to my page or take away from it? If the answer is the latter, don't post it, hit DELETE. If you need a word of encouragement or support, reach out,call a friend, TALK to someone; don't draw others into a rant. Never fire off posts in a fit of anger, and then later regret it. Pause before posting!

Engage only a few times a day

Keep yourself accountable for what you post by doing an audit of how much time you currently spend on social platforms. Even if you're spreading "likes" and hearts, you can have too much of a good thing. Don't feel the need to comment or post to the point that it takes over your life. Social media is a place to share and recount what you've been doing, rather than it becoming your life. So, choose to post or comment just two to three times per day so you have more time to be living life rather than reporting on it. 

ESPECIALLY if this is your business page. Then the question becomes: Are you duplicatable in what you do in your business? Would your actions attract others to want to join you and do what you’re doing?

So the moral of this training is - FIND A BALANCE that represents YOU!



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