Communique - Vol 115

The secret of change is to focus all of your energy, not on fighting the old, but on building the new.


top sponsoring - September 2017


Courtney Carter     16                                          Jacqueline Cassidy     2

Jasmine Rector      11                                          Marsha Richards          2

Shelby Thomas       5                                           Bonnie Overfield         2

Kayla Perkinson     5                                            Brookley Bell                2

Grace Lane             4                                            Heather Cruz               2

Nancy Newkirk      4                                            DaShawna  Pellegrino  2

Jennifer Childress  4                                            Paula Ligreni                2

Cassi Vestweber     3                                            Pamela Wales              2

Dawn Foster           3                                            Julie Colella                 2

Jennifer Rowell      2                                            Amanda Paulson         2

Brandi Willis           2                                            Lee Hardy                    2

                                 Patty Graham        2                                            Kathryn Hoye             2                             

Amy Hall                2                                            Louella Kegel               2

                Donna Harris         2                                             Dakota Haney Holly Webber    2

***New Consultants may or may not be qualified.


Amie's Jewels of Wisdom

Tis’ the season for the Hobbyist but the hobbyist is in all of us?

Hobbyist join to take advantage of the holiday seasons and the exciting news is we have so many FUN holidays approaching. We have Halloween, Thanksgiving, as well as Hanukkah and Christmas.

So what are you doing NOW in order to take advantage of the Holidays that are just around the corner?

Have you set a time to host an online or an open house to share some great gift giving items that are a must have?

Now’s the time to get ready so I've included a couple of tips.

1)  Send or email out pre-holiday cards to all your customers.

  • Instead of the traditional holiday card, try sending a pre-holiday card out at the end of September or October.
  • Let your customers know you wanted to reach out to them and wish them a great and Happy Thanksgiving and a wonderful Holiday season.
  • Let them know you appreciate them and their business.
  • This will also allow you the opportunity to remind them that JewelScent/GEMSTRA is a great gift and if they have people on their shopping list you would love to help them pick out the perfect gift.
  • It’s critical that this email / card is authentic and you're focusing more on your relationship with them rather than just the sale.  
  • Your goal is to become a part of their “Holiday Season” not just making a “SALE”. By doing this, not only will you build great customer loyalty but gain more customers because they will now be telling their friends what a great Consultant you are and how helpful you were in making their Holiday Season so easy.
  • This week start putting together your list of all past customers, hosts and prospects.  Collect their email address or if you have their home address better yet because it's a more personal touch.
  • By getting this ready this week then next week all you need to do is send out your emails and cards. You will be prepared and ahead of the curve.

2)  Connect with other Consultants and leaders for shared holiday sales.

  • Some of your best customers and hosts will always be other direct sellers.
  • Work with Consultants and leaders from other companies to offer gift ideas for their personal team.
  • The leader can host a party with their friends and use the host credit and half-priced items towards gifts for their team members and their team leaders.
  • A gift swap is another option if their product is something that you could or would gift to your own team member or leader.
  • Find ways to team up with multiple leaders to host a major Facebook Event where guest can come to shop from multiple companies. Have a 12 day party where 10 different DS Consultants come together. Day 1 an overview of each Consultant's their company and what they sell. Day 2-11 Every Consultant that a day to share about their company and the products they sell and then the last day (day 12) a wrap up and QA in order to finalize any and last sale.
  • September is the month to reach out to other DS Consultant who might be interested in purchasing gifts from you or being a host and earning ½ price items, FREE items and Reward Points to use for gift giving gift for their family and friend.
  • Swap item from the JewelScent line for items from their line….. I have this and I would like to swap it for that…..
  • Again these can be gifts used for team incentives, leaders gifts or your personal holiday shopping needs for yourself.
  • Start brainstorming what products would be the best gifts for teachers, Mother’s Wife's co-workers and then market to that.
  • Do you have a gift giving shopping list?
  • Who is on it - Who do you buy for?
  • How can GEMSTRA products help by checking off gifts from one’s list.
  • MAKE SURE your contact information is on everything you send out.

3)  Create holiday bundles and stocking-stuffer ideas.

  • This is the time of the year that you want to always have product with you “Gift giving items” that you can sell. Specific for holiday sales.
  • Maybe you add with every candle that you personally sell from your “Home Inventory” you include a sample of our incredible Scrub and Body Creme
  • It’s when you choose to share different product from our other product lines for them to experience, that they will return to purchase them at a later time - Remember we are in the business to build repeat business - future business
  • ASK, Would you like me to bundle 3 soaps, an Aroma bead and soap, or our Scrub and Body Creme
  • Remember bundles can be purchased for 1 gift or possibly separated out for multiple gifts.
  • Don’t go overboard with the bundles though!
  • Use what you have - show a couple of varieties and make sure to offer a varying of different price points.
  • Stocking stuffers- small gift ideas: They can purchase an Aroma Bead, Essential Tarts, and Body Scrub then divide into small organza bags/containers so they can get a couple of smaller gifts “Thinking of YOU” but  for a few different friends.

4)  Be prepared to share the best gift of all - The Gift of the GEMSTRA opportunity have a Script  ready to share in every Upcoming Party and for those you meet and come across in your day to day activities.


Do you have your Sponsoring packets made?

  • Now is the time to have them ready if you usually have 6 for the week then have 12 ready to go.
  • Keep them simple, easy and duplicatable. So as you give them out - They can see themselves doing this business -doing what you do!
  • If what you do - does not look fun and easy they will not want to join you and become a part of your team!
  • When you are wrapping up your sponsoring talk and are ready to give them a sponsoring packet, don’t walk away without their contact information.
  • Don’t forget to let them know about your holiday gift giving options.

You might say something like:

“Did you hear about a specific product tonight that just screams a friend or family member’s name?"

  • The best way to control your finances is to start shopping for the holiday season early.
  • Our products make perfect gifts and stocking-stuffers for your friends and family. To help, I have put together some holiday bundle options to make your holiday shopping experience seamless.”

Another Tip: If you are selling in a VP, at a home party or in an event - Provide “the full-service check-out”, don’t forget to ask if they would be interested in being a host for you so they can reap the benefits of our Host program.

Ask: "Is there anyone else on your holiday shopping list that would love one of our many GEMSTRA products if so would you like for me to set a time and calendar it to follow up with you in the next 2 weeks or next month in order to cross off another gift for someone on their list."

5)  Book Gift Giving Parties.

  • Yes, offer the option of gift giving in every VP, at every home party and at any event / boutiques you're at. Reach out to your past hosts and offer to book a party that is specific to gift giving for the Holidays.
  • Have your host invite friends with the intention shopping for the people on their list instead of just themselves.
  • Often times during the holiday season people spend less on themselves because they are trying to save money to shop for the ones they love.
  • At the end of these parties you will want to remind your shoppers that there are products that will benefit them as well.
  • This month get your list together of people you think may be interested in this type of party.

6) Follow-Up - Follow-Up - Follow-Up

If you have those prospects that have told you that they would be interested in joining your team to do some Holiday shopping Today is the DAY! Why? Because not only do they get to receive the Consultant discount of 20-35% off in GEMSTRA but they can share their replicated site for their family and friend to also shop while they reap the benefits of being a Consultant. Join today for $19.00 and don’t miss out on the FUN ahead!


Mid-West Training Event

Join Brandi Willis, Beth Horton, Jennifer Childress and Jennifer Rowell at the East Coast Summer Training Event on Saturday, September 23rd. The event is centrally located in downtown Indianapolis at the McCormick & Schmick's restaurant in the downtown Hilton.

Address: 110 N Illinois St. Indianapolis, IN. 46204
Registration Link:

West Coast Training Event

The West Coast Training Event will be held by Bonnie Overfield, Crystal Given, Jennifer Childress and Carole Jacobs on Saturday, September 30th . This training event will take place at the Embassy Suites by Hilton Seattle Tacoma International Airport. (Location may change, we will keep you updated)

Address: 15920 West Valley Highway, Seattle, WA. 98188
Registration Link:


  • Beginning October 1st. 2017: Reminder that All accounts need to have your account information up to date for the monthly $10.00 technology fee effective for October. ANY/ALL accounts that are not current will be compressed out and any downline structure will be compressed up to the next appropriate leader. Please do not wait once accounts have gone through compression we can not revert back. This is a follow up to the announcement made three (3) months ago that all Gemstra Consultants need to pay a monthly $10.00 Technology fee to remain as an active Consultant.  Policies and Procedures Section 3.21- Activity/Compression: "3.21 - Activity/Compression Effective 10/01/17: To stay active, a Consultant must continue to pay the monthly technology/platform fee (technology fee must be paid concurrently). Compression is designed to ensure all Gemstra Consultants have an active and engaged Sponsor who is leading by consistency and example. Deactivation will occur if a Consultant fails to pay the monthly technology/platform fee. Upon deactivation, the Consultant’s Team will roll-up (compress) to the nearest eligible Quartz and above Consultant Leader. 

  • Measurable Difference: FAQ's for our partner brand Measurable Difference has been added to the resources section.

  • Classic Candle Update: Just wanted to remind everyone that the price on our Classic Candle will be changing to $26.99 retail beginning October 1st. 

  • September Sponsoring Incentive: For every new consultant in the month of September that you sponsor and get qualified within their first 30 days ($100 PQV) you will receive a $20 bonus separate from your commission. We will run reports on October 2nd, October 16th and a final report on November 1st. Please allow up to 72 hours for our Finance department to process these and make the deposit to your Paylution account. Click on the link to watch Amie's video on this announcement
  • New User Generated Content Tutorial Video: Using UGC (user generated content) to personalize your customer's experience and enhance their engagement. This video will review new features that are available to you in your Gemstra boutique.


Book Your Coaching Call

Are you ready to grow and take your business to the next level? Book your one-on-one Coaching Call with our Field Development Manager, Karen Braas-Johnson. Karen has 16 years of Direct Selling Experience and is here to work with you where you are and where you want to go!

To book your call you must …

1.      SERIOUSLY want to grow your business forward with increased PQV and/or a desire to advance in rank.

2.      Have completed your Consultant Onboard Training

3.      Held your Launch Party plus two additional parties

4.      Have at least 3 additional parties booked on your calendar

5.      Report back to your Upline Leader with your plan to implement the goals that you established in your Coaching Call.



BOOK 1: Consultant Onboarding! We have a strong vision to provide fun, flexibility, and freedom to independent Consultants everywhere. Our vision is to grow digital first entrepreneurs, offering robust technology and instant online support.

BOOK 2: Road to Leadership! Welcome to one of the most exciting journeys! We invite you to join our Leadership Team, and learn how to build a stable business and advance to the next level of Leadership.

BOOK 3: Become a Leader! The road to leadership is an exciting journey and one never traveled alone. You will learn what it means to be a Leader and why so many Consultants have chosen to build and lead a team.


When: 10/04/2017
Time: 6:00PM PT / 7:00PM MT / 8:00PM CT / 9:00PM ET
For participants: Dial (605) 468-8002
Enter Access Code – 956270#


If you do not like what your business is doing for you, then change how you are working in your business. You are in control of the outcome. Challenge yourself to talk to two (2) new people everyday. This will breathe new life into your business.


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