Communique - Vol 122

If the plan doesn’t work, change the plan but never the goal.


top pqv - october 2017


Carmine Grossi    $6299.82          Sabrina Jones    $2005.37                     

Vicki Edgar           $3290.88          Stefanie Wright  $1959.74                                                

Jennifer Childress $2960.05         Leslie King         $1896.67                                      

Bonnie Overfield $2773.98           Sean Carter    $1840.90    

Brandi Willis           $2566.63          Karynn Campbell $1833.22                                             

Aislynn Lentz        $2544.25           Jacqueline Cassidy   $1779.98     

Amanda Paulson  $2452.35           DaShawna Pellegrino    $1601.77                        

Jenn Schoon        $2276.90           Katie Young       $1562.58                                        

 Donna Harris       $2235.55          Kristin Ringler   $1548.45                                      

 Lisa McQueen     $2186.13           Melissa Collier  $1542.22      

 Violet Pearl          $2157.19           Carole Jacobs   $1509.17   

 Kate Edson          $2138.86          Marjorie Cardinell  $1503.03                                         

Laura Clarke      $2035.78            Linda Childers    $1502.89

 Stephen Day    $2033.72               



Amie's Jewels of Wisdom

Do you know the SECRET to having a successful business?

One of the most important aspects of a successful Direct Sales Business / Home-based business is being active in it. Are you sharing your business with those you are meeting on a daily basis? Are you consistently working/doing the 3 fundamentals which are Booking - Selling - Sponsoring in order for your business to grow? 

Here are some helpful hints that will help you when tackling how to keep your monthly sales up and your calendar full with bookings. 

1.  Be consistent.  While this statement may seem trite, the truth is that many Consultants need to keep this principle and/or belief in the forefront of both head and heart. With the multitude of obligations that so many of you deal with on a regular basis—full time job, second job, family chauffeur, child care, parent care, house cleaner, home chef, physical fitness, and maintaining your sanity with your own interests and hobbies—a system for juggling competing duties (time) is necessary. The most important thing to remember, the key to being a successful Consultant is to keep your calendar full! The more gaps (holes) you see on your calendar without bookings, the harder it is for you to regenerate that momentum. 

It’s not what you do every once in awhile that shapes your business, it’s what you do consistently that does. 

2.  Develop the Habit of Making Daily Contacts (NEW CONTACTS*).  Along with consistency, make sure you’re taking advantage of meeting NEW contacts daily, by offering them the opportunity to be a part of your business. This can be done by either inviting them to 1 of your 2 Mystery Host VP’s or by adding them to your VIP group. You should be growing both groups on a daily basis - ACTIONS speak louder than words. When you decide that making daily contacts and connections are a vital part to the growth of your business, you will then begin to fill the gaps/holes in your calendar with more VP’s, home parties and events. When you begin to do this, they will perceive you as someone who is serious about building your business. If you are lax in making daily contacts and not inviting new customers to participate in your business, that’s when you will suffer the stress and financial consequences of an inconsistent business. This can and will become a vicious cycle that is hard to break. If you strive to add 5 (Five) NEW contacts a day; it’s then through that growth you will watch your business grow and thrive. 

*NEW CONTACTS: Someone new you meet from a friend, your waitress, someone you’re sitting next to waiting for an appointment, someone you’re standing next to in line, someone at your kid’s school, event or activity, The list is endless. If you really start to look at your day-to-day life you will see all the customers just waiting to be invited.  

3.  Appreciate Your Client’s Time.  When you reach out to invite someone to book a party, keep the contact focused, friendly and on-point. Pre-plan what you will say and make some notes about why you are contacting them, what your compelling offer is, and why someone would want to book a VP with you now. Make sure that during your conversation you set the stage for business. If you are contacting a friend that is going to host, mention that you will call at another time to catch up on personal matters later. One of the struggles that many Consultants encounter is that they chat too long about topics unrelated to what they initially contacted the prospect to talk about. While this helps to build a relationship (rapport), it also undermines your efforts for the purpose of the call. Host, Customers and prospects will appreciate brief and direct conversations. Be warned, however, that this does not mean to be abrupt or cold. Strike a nice balance by referencing something from the last time you talked or a memorable moment from a previous conversation. 

4.  Eliminate Emotion from Rejection.  If you do not track every aspect of your business, you will measure your successes by feelings rather than performance. This can lead to an emotional roller coaster. When sales and bookings are up, you feel great. When you get more than a few no responses to your asking, you begin to feel down, deflated and discouraged. By establishing a system for measuring your contacts with your results, you will identify a base for your sales and booking closing ratio. Knowing your closing ratio allows you to track as well as reference your growth. It’s when you incorporate these success tips such as consistency, along with adding NEW customers; this will then allow you to achieve higher sales and more bookings per month. You’ll see your tracked figures also begin reflecting success, and you will ultimately shine in comparison to those who sell and book sporadically. 

So, avoid emotional booking discouragements by tracking your NEW contacts in order to create your sales and booking closing ratio. By using tools for measuring your success, you can chart your growth and identify any areas for improvement. 

These success secrets are simple to say, yet take effort to do.  

Follow these 4 strategies to improve your stats in Booking - Selling - Sponsoring as you grow and build a business. Before you know it, you will begin to turn these tips into habits and your business will flourish. 

Consistent ACTION will create consistent RESULTS!


consultant corner

"Jo Edgar joined Gemstra on October 30th and, in the 1st 6 days of November has managed to claim the top spot on the leader board (at the time this was written,) with just over $1950 in sales!!! She has already hit the 1st Jewelscent incentive level and is well on her way to that GIANT jar of bath bomb awesomeness!!! When I sent her a text this morning, she said, "I sooo want the bath bombs and there is still plenty of time to get there!" I love her work ethic and I can't wait to share the excitement with her as she keeps making and slaying goals this month and beyond! Congratulations, Jo! I love being able to be a part of your journey!" - Sarah Rodriguez


"I am sharing a post that was made by Michelle Mapes, who has been a consultant for 3 months and just earned her first month as a Garnet Team Builder in October. This touched me in a big way because I can totally relate! Sometimes all we need is a friend to lovingling push her way in and not give up... Other times we can be that friend for someone else. 

Michelle wrote, "Sometimes we are in a spot in our week, day, or month that we just want to hide from the world and wish everything would just leave us my friend messaged me and asked what time I would be in town, I took a deep breath in and replied I am not, then she said I can come out, another deep breath and I ignored the comment, she then asked if my husband was home, knowing she wanted him here to meet her husband I happily said he was working and I didn't know when he would be off, she answered they were already on their way!!! OMG NO!! I don't want to see anybody, my kitchen is a mess, the grandkids are wild NO I was yelling in my head... We had a very nice visit in the back yard, my husband stopped home for a tool so he met her husband, she wanted to smell every product I have and she spent $49 with me! It is not about the money but a friend not giving up being my friend!! I really needed you to push yourself in my life today! I love you for that :) and she loves the ring she "dug" out of her product!!!" -Karynn Campbell



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Book Your Coaching Call

Are you ready to grow and take your business to the next level? Book your one-on-one Coaching Call with our Field Development Manager, Karen Braas-Johnson. Karen has 16 years of Direct Selling Experience and is here to work with you where you are and where you want to go!

To book your call you must …

1.      SERIOUSLY want to grow your business forward with increased PQV and/or a desire to advance in rank.

2.      Have completed your Consultant Onboard Training

3.      Held your Launch Party plus two additional parties

4.      Have at least 3 additional parties booked on your calendar

5.      Report back to your Upline Leader with your plan to implement the goals that you established in your Coaching Call.



BOOK 1: Consultant Onboarding! We have a strong vision to provide fun, flexibility, and freedom to independent Consultants everywhere. Our vision is to grow digital first entrepreneurs, offering robust technology and instant online support.

BOOK 2: Road to Leadership! Welcome to one of the most exciting journeys! We invite you to join our Leadership Team, and learn how to build a stable business and advance to the next level of Leadership.

BOOK 3: Become a Leader! The road to leadership is an exciting journey and one never traveled alone. You will learn what it means to be a Leader and why so many Consultants have chosen to build and lead a team.


When: 12/06/2017
Time: 6:00PM PT / 7:00PM MT / 8:00PM CT / 9:00PM ET
For participants: Dial (605) 468-8002
Enter Access Code – 956270#


If you do not like what your business is doing for you, then change how you are working in your business. You are in control of the outcome. Challenge yourself to talk to two (2) new people everyday. This will breathe new life into your business.


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