Communique - Vol 126

There is no elevator to success. You have to take the stairs.


Top DGT - October 2017


Carmine Grossi  $19,855.27       Jennifer Childress  $3,972.01      

Wendy Linder  $5,324.95            Crystal Given  $3,819.85

Vicki Edgar  $4,772.18                 Jennifer Rowell  $3,534.23  

Helen Silvernail  $4,635.08        Jo Edgar   $3,440.65    

Brandi Willis  $4,338.73                Kate Edson  $3,325.39

Bonnie Overfield  $4,130.41         Linda Childers  $3,321.97

Donna Harris  $4,013.86              Amanda Paulson  $3,010.04                       





Amie's Jewels of Wisdom

As we approach the end of 2017,

it’s time to reflect on the past 11 months

in order to start planning for

the New Year before us.

The end of the year is a time to reflect over the past year, and then begin planning for the year ahead. A year has passed yet it feels like a nano-moment since the last year-end. Not surprising -- that our lives, work, and businesses move at an unprecedented pace.

We all want to DO and BE our BEST as we begin to look at the new year ahead of us. So to help you, take a moment and reflect on what your year was like. Answer these questions so that you can prepare for the coming new year.


1) What went well?

A staple question to ask yourself each year. “What could I have done differently in order to achieve the outcome I was hoping for?”

Make a list of what went well this year and know that nothing is too small to celebrate as you prepare for the days and year ahead.  It’s also very useful to acknowledge what might not have gone so well -- especially if you can learn from those circumstances and be grateful for having worked through them.

It's far too easy to bypass the wins and the good that comes within any year. When working hard, fast, and often in challenging contexts, our brains tend to erase the positive as we focus on the failures and pressures at hand. Instead remember all of your successes, as these will become the fuel and fire for any challenge as you begin to work towards achieving new GOALS and DREAMS for the year ahead.

2) What surprised you?

Life is always full of surprises. Reflect on the surprises that came your way - and then on how you responded to them. Did you notice anything about your ability to adapt and pivot within the unexpected?

3) What did this last year teach you?

Every experience for better or worse can be a 'teacher' if we allow it to. How did you grow personally as well as professionally from your year? What did you learn (insights, knowledge, skills) that were gained? Consider those beyond just the technical skills and reflect on those related to self- awareness, trust, adaptability, resourcefulness, resilience. These core internal skills are critical today and will support you well in the year(s) ahead.

4) What needs to be left behind?

Old ideas, poor habits, and self-limiting behaviors - ahh, who doesn't have at least a few of these? When life and work pressures demand the best of us it is a good idea to take note of what's no longer working and might also be holding us back. Is it time to let some doors close this year and shift your energy to new areas of opportunity? Where do you need to discard ideas, efforts, and ways of doing things that aren't working despite your best efforts?

5) Wrap up your year with a name that fits:

Complete this phrase: "2017 was the year of ___.


1) What do you need to do next?

Again think about what changes you need to do in order to get the outcome you are looking for next year. What are the goals and achievements you are looking to accomplish in the year ahead? Even if you don't have precise answers yet, staying in this question will keep you on your toes so that you can plan and pivot to opportunities as your vision becomes clear to you.

2) How will you GROW and STRETCH in the year ahead?

Look ahead 1 year (the end of 2018) then map out a path which allows you to get there over the next 11 months as you begin to work towards that final outcome. Stay focused, visualize yourself achieving those GOALS - ACHIEVEMENTS - DREAMS! Ask yourself, What does that look like? How would you feel? Then ask in what ways will you have grown? This is your chance to stretch as you begin to reflect and make plans in order for this to happen.

3) What is your BIG GOAL?

Be specific and concrete. GOALS - need to be meaningful, relevant and backed up with a plan -- to provide focus, direction, a sense of purpose, to energize you with new motivation and drive.

4) Who will you need to connect with?

Don't wait for sudden change to test the strength of your team, network and relationships - INVEST NOW! Take time and make a commitment to connect meaningfully, authentically with those important to you. Having that support in place can be just what is needed when obstacles appear in your path.  

So, NOW... what's your Mantra for 2018?

Create a mantra to hold onto by completing this phrase:

2018 will be the year of/for  _____. (You fill in the blank)





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