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February 2018 - Top 20 DGT

Adrienne Brimhall - 1190     Stephen Day - 1120

Wendy Linder - 1010     Helen Silvernail - 1000

Jacqueline Cassidy - 945    Brandi Willis - 925

Jessica Beane - 915     Karynn Campbell - 900

Bonnie Overfield - 880    Laura Clarke - 850

Crystal Given - 830    Jennifer Childress - 795

DaShawna Pellegrino - 780    Makenzi Taylor - 775

Dijuanna Le Furgey - 760   Lorinda Kronenberg - 720

Jane Sheehan - 710      Caroline Christner - 695

Lara Wall - 675    Kate Edson - 670


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Lillian Carpenter - Steven Cable - Kayla Jones - Michelle Struve

Trisha Rodriguez - Terri Cosgrove - Jaclyn Hardwick


Adrienne Brimhall

Consultant corner/amie's jewels of wisdom

Work & Life Balance - Eliminating Distractions

Shared by: Wendy Linder

Balancing Work & Home Life!

(Yes-I painted the “Do Not Disturb the Business Woman” door sign) It works!! LOL

Wendy Linder - DND Sign.jpg

Communication within the home, structure & boundaries worked for me & my family! Great support from my family, things began to change. My business became my full-time job. I couldn't sleep, so many things running through my head for my 1st day working at home base. Figuring out how I could work my business with or around husband, kids & grands. Once I was able to define when my free time begins, then I knew I was more likely to spend professional time wisely.

1st ... I learned starting each day after a great cup of coffee with the morning news was to GET DRESSED (get out of my moo moo & Pink fluffy robe). I realized I needed to build a morning routine with motivation. Being dressed for work serves as a constant reminder not to slack off. We find that because we are home it's easy to stay in our night clothes, till someone knocks on your door unexpectedly and wants to talk business or see if you have anything on hand! Greeting them in a moo moo & pink robe wasn't cute or professional.

2nd … Eliminating distractions was a huge challenge, but there again Communicating, sharing my gift & getting my family involved in my business aspects really helped. Scheduling & prioritizing when hubby got home in the mornings from 3rd shift, grands woke up or went to bed, so many thing happen. I then created my own little work space, which to start was a corner in the living room and that worked for awhile. Then kids getting homes of their own, left rooms available. So I created my office/Gemstra Boutique in a room, talk about excited! I swiftly painted the "Do Not Disturb the Business Woman" & hung it on my door to my office!

Everyone is different, but many things are the same as challenges of balancing work & life. What were some of your challenges?

Working your business means YOU ARE WORKING!

AMIE’s Words of Wisdom 


Fact: 70% of workers struggle with finding a work-life system that allows them to keep balance in their life. For many, achieving any type of work-life balance can seem impossible, especially when technology has made us accessible around the clock 24/7.

Here are some ideas to help you in finding that balance:


Instead of just letting life happen, those who achieve that work-life balance make deliberate choices about what they want out of  life and how they want to spend their time. It’s so important to talk to your spouse, partner, children and others who are important in your life, come up with a road map and then schedule it on a calendar. This is a great visual for everyone to see what’s happening, what’s important and when you’re available. Then you all need to agree to what is on the schedule and commit to following that timeline.


Work-life balance going off the rails is usually a result of letting things slide as opposed to any kind of intentional choice. Staying on track making conscious choices while continually talking to the important people in your life about what is working or not, and then making decisions to change direction if needed. As life continues to happen and situations arise, communicating can help you avoid ending up in a place you didn’t want to be due to drifting along.


People who manage to carve out a work-life balance that works for them don’t just wait to see what time is left over then try to fit something into that opening. Make a point to plan and book time for work, family and FUN. Once you have done that then you need to guard this time that you have allocated in order to keep a balance. While emergencies happen and situations come up that need attention, take a moment to evaluate the need and time frame so you can adjust your timeline in order to still achieve what needs to be/get done. AND make sure to always be communicating to those around you in order to succeed.


Managing a work-life balance will develop a strong sense of who you are, your values, and what is important. Follow your calendar, timeline and guidelines for EVERYTHING you do. This will then determine your own success.

I have followed a simple format: Highlight my time according to what I am doing.

The following colors represent how to create that balance in your life.


GREEN = JewelScent revenue generating activity (Shows, sales)

PINK = personal time/family time

BLUE = training or personal growth time

ORANGE = power hour time


This calendar system allows you to create balance with your personal life and your JewelScent life. This business was created for you to have the flexibility to work when you want to work and set your own pace and goals.

Thoughtfully align your goals, both personally and professionally.  You have control of your calendar. Scheduling includes your VPs, In-Home Parties, Events, and 1:1 appointments, plus Host Coaching, Team Coaching, Sponsoring, and all things JewelScent.


To maintain balance you may/will need to turn off your electronic devices in order to enjoy quality uninterrupted time doing matters you enjoy. Be PRESENT in everything you do, if you’re working then work, if you’re spending time with the family, then be in that family moment. This allows you to develop the ability to compartmentalize your time, as you have moments to simply enjoy the experience in life. When you are present in the moment it will alleviate the pressures of everyday life allowing you to then relax, rejuvenate, and regenerate yourself. It’s impossible to always be multitasking keeping multiple balls in the air before 1 drops, then another, then another. It’s just a matter of time before everything crashes down on you.


Don’t go through life getting caught up in situations and circumstances that end up controlling YOU. Those that achieve balance have a defined plan around time frames and are willing to make some sacrifices to get what they want in the end. For example, many “Business Builders” typically plan to spend a substantial amount of time in the early parts of building their business. Those that achieve balance down the road see this time as a sacrifice that will now allow them to spend extra time and energy in other areas that they are passionate about, because they have dedicated time in their business establishing it, building it on a solid foundation.


It’s important when striving to achieve a good balance that you have a strong support network around you that you can depend upon. Your network can then help you to get through any difficult times that might arise allowing you to achieve your end GOAL.

consultant corner

"On Oct 3 I received a message from one of my teammates. She had been diagnosed with a very aggressive form of breast cancer and wanted to ask me if it would be ok for her team to reach out to me if they had any issues. Of course, my answer was yes, but more importantly my heart was broken. Tyra Forest was assigned to me early in my JewelScent journey and we had formed a relationship over time. I have never had the pleasure of meeting her in person, although we are changing that in August, but she was a sister to me. She knew she was in for a fight and she never backed down. She pushed through surgery, she fought through chemo and DURING all of this she decided to reboot her business and do anything she needed to find the success she wanted. She is a fighter and I am so proud to congratulate her on receiving her Garnet bonus in February and even more proud to say she beat cancer and is now officially cancer FREE!!!  Way to go, Tyra! I’m so happy to have been on this JewelScent journey with her and I know we have many more trials and successes to celebrate in the future!!!" - Brandi Willis, Founding Ambassador

"Danielle Bradford teamed up with a group that rescues Boxer Bulldogs.  She did a fundraiser for their group last year and many who bought from the fundraiser have remained her customer.  They reached out asking if she could do another.  So she put together a virtual party and did a Facebook event for their group. She had 17 orders resulting in $584 in sales for the fundraiser! She generously donated 20 percent of her commission to help the rescue!  Danielle was so happy to be able to help them and they were very appreciative. I believe her partnership with them will only bring more great things in the future." - Laura Clarke, Ambassador

"I just want to say first and foremost how proud of my entire team I am, but there is one member I would love to highlight after his attendance at The 2018 GEM conference!  Stephen Day went to conference and he and his team have been on fire every since! He is on the verge of Jade x2 this month and not stopping there. His ideas for martini bombs and several other things for home parties are absolutely amazing and I'm always looking forward to the next idea ♥️ He made a declaration at GEM "I will have every sash next year!" And I truly believe he will with his determination and drive to succeed!" - Jessica Beane, Jade Team Leader


Prize club - jewels of america


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