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amie's jewels of wisdom

7 Ways to Persist When Everything in You Wants to Give Up

Here are the seven things that can help keep you going, when everything in you wants to quit. If you find yourself in a situation where you want to give up, STOP, take a breath and realign yourself.

1. Ignore everyone else.

Only focus on what you're doing, what you can do and what you're capable of doing. YOU are not anyone else, so NEVER compare yourself to others. NEVER compare your business with someone else business. Sure you may see others that achieve more or faster, but you don’t know their situation. NEVER allow anyone to rob you of your JOY, your GOALS and your DREAMS. If you are feeling deflated STOP worrying and STOP comparing everyone else’s journey to your own, begin focusing on what you have control of and how your going to achieve it.

As you work toward your DREAM, it can be easy to get distracted when you see others achieving their goals easier, faster, better than you. It can make you feel inadequate and unsatisfied with your own progress. But when it comes to conquering a goal, what’s happening with others is irrelevant when it detracts from your ability to move forward.

When tackling your tasks, you need every ounce of energy you can muster. Make sure your focus on what’s ahead of you as you propel forward. Never mind what might be behind you or even alongside of you. Just worry about YOU.

2. Become your own biggest supporter.

Although it can be energizing to have others around to motivate and support you, having them there is a luxury, not a requirement. When you can learn from that lesson it will allow you to turn inward and find your strength and determination to keep going. Give yourself some high-five every step and celebrate every milestone along the way to stay encourage and on track.

Sometimes on the road to success, you will have to walk alone. If you find yourself in that position, find a way to give yourself what you need in order to continue.

3. Stop and appreciate the little things.

By stopping and appreciating the little things, you begin to stop focusing on the struggles. Allow yourself to be busy in being grateful for where you are.

It can be easy to focus all your energy on reaching your ultimate goal. But if the only thing you can see is your end destination, you’ll miss the beauty of the journey along the way. The new experiences and welcome surprises provide much-needed fuel to keep yourself going.

4. Focus on the next step.

It can become discouraging when you think that you're so far away from where you want to be. That is why it’s so important to frame your goals with mini-milestones that make the next steps more manageable. Just take one more step, OK, now just take one more and so one until you get where you want to be.

When your goal seems too big, it can feel impossible, which opens the door for resistance to creep in. By breaking your target into bite-sized pieces, you can keep yourself in motion and build momentum.

5. Throw your watch out the window.

When you focus on the time it was supposed to take, you begin to get frustrated at yourself for not being good enough or fast enough. BUT WHO DEFINED JUST HOW LONG IT WAS SUPPOSED TO TAKE? To tell you the truth, nobody will cared how long it took and you shouldn’t either. All that matters is completing the journey.

As you work on reaching your goals, stop looking at the clock. Stop measuring yourself against someone or something else. It will only serve to distract you from focusing on what you need to do right now to advance.

6. Stop looking for a way out.

Not every GOAL has a straight and easy path. Remember it’s in the valleys and struggles that your are to grow, sure it might be hard and even uncomfortable, but the outcome is always worth it.

When your struggles are in the forefront, it is natural to want to make it go away. But when you invest time looking for a way to quit on your journey, you waste precious energy that could be used to help you overcome the hurdle that is before you, where you will gain long-term growth.

7. Acknowledge your limitations.

Sometimes your path needs to be recalculated, and that’s OK. You just might find that after implementing some new strategy, the journey my be less grueling.
Your road to success might not look like everyone else’s. That’s OK. Everyone’s situation is different. Instead acknowledge where you are, so you can give yourself what you need to be successful.

As you work to achieve your goals, there will be obstacles, bumps and bruises along the way. When the journey becomes more uncomfortable than what you are used to, it can be easy to throw in the towel and retreat.

But if you follow these lessons, you can find the strength to keep going in the midst of difficulty. And when you persist, you’ll discover the reward was worth the effort.

Don’t give up. ALWAYS BE THE BEST YOU!

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