Communique - Vol 146

It will always seem impossible until it’s done.


march 2018 - top DGT

Stephen Day - 1700   Adrienne Brimhall - 1700

Jennifer Childress - 1520  Crystal Given - 1400

Helen Silvernail - 1380  Bonnie Overfield - 1360

Brandi Willis - 1350  Wendy Linder - 1330

DaShawna Pellegrino - 1320  Lorinda Kronenberg - 1315

Laura Clarke - 1285  Jacqueline Cassidy - 1265

Jessica Beane - 1250  Karynn Campbell - 1240

Jane Sheehan - 1210  Dijuanna LeFurgey - 1160

Randi Harwood - 1105  Lara Wall - 985

Donna Harris - 980  Linda Childers - 920

Vicki Edgar - 880  Jennifer Rowell - 855

Makenzi Taylor - 855  Beth Horton - 810

Julie Colella - 760  Karen Richter - 760


seed Achievers - march 2018


Stephanie Ryan - Christy Neel - Robert Bango

amie's jewels of wisdom

From Amie Larson:

As we are approaching the end of April, my question to you is how are you looking and evaluating where you are in your business?

"A pessimist sees the difficulty in every opportunity, an optimist sees the opportunity in every difficulty."  

                                                                                                                                                          -Winston Churchill

Which one are you?  An Optimist or a Pessimist?

Live life into each and every day, look for the possibilities in every opportunity and take advantage of them. Don’t walk away, leaving it for someone else to claim!


From Karen Braas-Johnson-

‎The LAST FULL WEEK of April ... Including today we have 8 days remaining to Rock and Rule your business!

When I started with our FABULOUS Company almost two years ago ... we were predominantly a Virtual Company partying mostly on Facebook.

NOW in your backoffice we have bullet-pointed trainings on ALL of the different ways to Rock and Rule your business!

💍 Virtual Parties

💍 Home Shows

💍 Share and Earn

💍 Events

💍 1:1 Sales

💍 Sponsoring - Prospecting

💍 Sponsoring - Starting the Conversation

💍 Sponsoring - Sponsor vs Recruit

💍 Sponsoring - Additional Tips

Still to come ... we’re now developing a training on Fundraising!

What’s your end-of-month goals? Is it a ...

💎 PQV Goal?

💎 Prize Club Enrollment Goal?

💎 TQV Goal?

💎 Rank Advancement Goal?

💎 Rank Advancement Bonus Goal?

💎 Sponsoring Goal?

💎 DGT Point Earning Goal?



This was what one of our Founding Ambassadors and one of our 2017 Ambassador said after checking out the Resource Center.

"I just sat down to go through all our new training this morning and I was just absolutely blown away! When I started with Jewelscent we didn't even have a back office or any training at all. If you are just getting started PLEASE take advantage of all these amazing resources!"  -Beth Horton, Founding Ambassador

"I was thinking the same thing Beth! Just look how our company has grown since the beginning and how they show us over and over again that the consultant program is the heart of JewelScent 💜" - Karynn Campbell, 2017 Ambassador


Consultant corner

DJ-Hair Salon.jpg
DJ-Hair Salon 2.jpg

"Here are 3 displays that I have put together. The first 2 displays of hearts are in my daughters Hair Salon. The 3rd display is at the florists store.  I am currently talking with 2 other companies. 1 that could lead to 5 locations in Texas alone."

                                                   -Dijuanna LeFurgey, Jade Team Leader


Prize club - jewels of america

  • If you need to make any changes to your subscription box you will need to cancel your current subscription and resign up. Example: Address change, ring size, quantities etc...
  • If a customer signs up for the subscription box but then decides to become a Consultant they will also need to cancel their subscription and resign up to be able to get the Consultant discount.  
  • Sweepstakes- Just as a reminder, everyone who has purchased the subscription box (Consultant or Customer) is automatically entered into that month's sweepstakes. If someone is interested in entering the sweepstakes who did not subscribe for the Prize Club can mail in the postcard but there is a limit of one per household. 
  • Recurring Charge - If you sign up on the 31st of the month for the Prize Club and the following month does not have 31 days your recurring charge will automatically update to the 1st of the following month.

Example: Monthly recurring payments due and collected on the 31st. If the subscription terms are $25.99 USD a month and the subscriber signs up on Thursday, July 31. The subscriber is billed as follows:

Thursday, July 31 = $25.99 USD
Saturday, August 31 = $25.99 USD
Wednesday, October 1= $25.99 USD
Saturday, November 1= $25.99 USD
and so on.

Notice that no recurring monthly payment was collected in September, but recurring payments were collected roughly every 30 days.



Check the Resource Center this week for our new virtual Party, comp plan breakdown, 1:1 sales & How to get 50+ New hosts/customer flyers.

Comp Plan.jpg


Book Your Coaching Call

Are you ready to grow and take your business to the next level? Book your one-on-one Coaching Call with our Field Development Manager, Karen Braas-Johnson. Karen has 16 years of Direct Selling Experience and is here to work with you where you are and where you want to go!

To book your call you must …

1.      SERIOUSLY want to grow your business forward with increased PQV and/or a desire to advance in rank.

2.      Have completed your Consultant Onboard Training

3.      Held your Launch Party plus at least two additional parties

4.      Report back to your Upline Leader with your plan to implement the goals that you established in your Coaching Call.



BOOK 1: Consultant Onboarding! We have a strong vision to provide fun, flexibility, and freedom to independent Consultants everywhere. Our vision is to grow digital first entrepreneurs, offering robust technology and instant online support.

BOOK 2: Road to Leadership! Welcome to one of the most exciting journeys! We invite you to join our Leadership Team, and learn how to build a stable business and advance to the next level of Leadership.

BOOK 3: Become a Leader! The road to leadership is an exciting journey and one never traveled alone. You will learn what it means to be a Leader and why so many Consultants have chosen to build and lead a team.


When: 5/2/2018
Time: 6:00PM PT / 7:00PM MT / 8:00PM CT / 9:00PM ET
For participants: Dial (605) 468-8002
Enter Access Code – 956270#


If you do not like what your business is doing for you, then change how you are working in your business. You are in control of the outcome. Challenge yourself to talk to two (2) new people everyday. This will breathe new life into your business.


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