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Rank Advancement - September 2017


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Amie's Jewels of Wisdom


WHEN, HOW and WHAT to post is critical if you are building your business on/through Social Media.

As an independent Consultant you need to be aware of what is working as well as -  not working when it comes to your business.



  • How popular are your posts - based on the amount of views, comments likes and even shares.

  • The most important factor for you to consider is your posting strategy

  • Only post 2-3 TIMES MAX per day!

  • Spread out your posts…if you post again too soon, you’re working against yourself in the news feed.

  • If you have a post with great engagement, just let that one run for the rest of the day….no need to post again just keep the conversations going.

  • Start doing LIVE VIDEO!!! It’s the easiest way to get engagement on FB.

  • In a live video you can interact with people and ask questions to get a ton more engagement.

  • Start using emoji’s in the copy of your posts (increases engagement up to 30%) Don’t do too much!!!! Use them smart!

  • NEVER PUT EXTERNAL LINKS IN YOUR POST -Facebook picks up that there is a link that sends someone off of Facebook then they will make your post unavailable. Put your links in the comments!!


  • The easiest way to get more engagement is to engage with people.

  • Give 5x's more than you look to TAKE.

  • Stop promoting all of the time and start sharing valuable content and engage in real conversations with people.


When someone leaves a comment you MUST comment back. The more you do that the more engagement you get and guess what? That’s right the algorithm picks it up!!! Build relationships.

  • If someone comments on your post it helps the visibility of THAT post….BUT, if you can get them to comment BACK to you it will help your FUTURE POSTS!! Shows that you have a relationship with them and FB will start showing them your posts!!!

  • Don’t be a news feed scroller. If all you do is scroll through and like without actually looking at them, it hurts your visibility.

  • FB measures the amount of time you spend viewing a post. They know how long people look at a post (written, picture, or video).

  • If you are actually taking the time to participate in the platform it will work in your favor.


Is another thing that is weighted (looked at)

  • FB puts weight on the first 15 minutes after you post or go live (they “test it out/watch” to see if people are engaging with what you are saying)

  • If the post gets good engagement in that first 15 minutes they boost it out to a lot more people. They give you better visibility.

  • This is why it’s SO IMPORTANT to respond to people who comment on the post you make.

  • Comments are 3x's more important than likes, comment will give you more visibility in the future.

  • When you make comments - Don’t just respond with short answers, (1-2 words) ask them questions, (Engage) so they will respond / engage back to you the same way on your post.

  • Build those relationships inside the comment section. Underneath the post.

  • It’s actually a form of recognition for people…and will make a huge difference.

  • Have fun, USE THE GIFs that FB has added for additional engagement.

The one thing that I want to make sure you STOP doing is…….


  • DO NOT send unsolicited cold prospecting messages.

  • Every time you send a message like that and the person doesn’t respond or marks it as spam - it kills your visibility!!!

Instead engage in real CONVERSATIONS with people before you pitch them!

AND PLEASE never again include a LINK in your posts or first message to someone!


Always put your links in the comments!!

These are highlights and takeaways for October’s Wednesday nights training call. If you haven't had time to listen take a minute and do so, you won't regret it.

Consultant corner

"So I just wanted to pass along a progress report! Did you all write down the tips from last week's call on how to better manage Facebook to be successful? So I didn't really want to do this, but I went and deleted about 60 members from my VIP page per the recommendation to remove non social or active members. I didn't go real extreme just those that weren't active....
Immediately I got 10 comments on my NEXT post from members that hadn't commented on a while and 3 orders (1 from someone that never actually ordered before). If you follow these tips it works!!!"
- Bonnie Overfield, Jade Team Leader

 "I learned several new things, and I thought I already had a good grasp on Facebook and it's algorithms. This is a call to listen to for sure! So glad I plugged in!!!!" Kayla Perkinson, Quartz Team Leader

"So much valuable information in this call!" -Beth Horton, Jade Team Leader

"Such a great training! Thank you for the info Brandi Blaschke Willis! I’ve always tried to reply to comments here and there but I replied to every comment on one of my posts last night and now tons more people are seeing and commenting on that post! " -Amber Chao, Consultant 



  • Reminder that All accounts need to have your account information up to date for the monthly $10.00 technology fee effective this month. ANY/ALL accounts that are not current will be compressed out and any downline structure will be compressed up to the next appropriate leader at the close of the month (10/31/2017). Please do not wait once accounts have gone through compression we can not revert back. This is a follow up to the announcement made three (3) months ago that all Gemstra Consultants need to pay a monthly $10.00 Technology fee to remain as an active Consultant.  Policies and Procedures Section 3.21- Activity/Compression: "3.21 - Activity/Compression Effective 10/01/17: To stay active, a Consultant must continue to pay the monthly technology/platform fee (technology fee must be paid concurrently). Compression is designed to ensure all Gemstra Consultants have an active and engaged Sponsor who is leading by consistency and example. Deactivation will occur if a Consultant fails to pay the monthly technology/platform fee. Upon deactivation, the Consultant’s Team will roll-up (compress) to the nearest eligible Quartz and above Consultant Leader. 
  • For all new Consultants that Sign up in the month of October- Get qualified (100+ PQV) within your first 30 days and receive a $20 coupon code to shop on the JewelScent website.


Book Your Coaching Call

Are you ready to grow and take your business to the next level? Book your one-on-one Coaching Call with our Field Development Manager, Karen Braas-Johnson. Karen has 16 years of Direct Selling Experience and is here to work with you where you are and where you want to go!

To book your call you must …

1.      SERIOUSLY want to grow your business forward with increased PQV and/or a desire to advance in rank.

2.      Have completed your Consultant Onboard Training

3.      Held your Launch Party plus two additional parties

4.      Have at least 3 additional parties booked on your calendar

5.      Report back to your Upline Leader with your plan to implement the goals that you established in your Coaching Call.



BOOK 1: Consultant Onboarding! We have a strong vision to provide fun, flexibility, and freedom to independent Consultants everywhere. Our vision is to grow digital first entrepreneurs, offering robust technology and instant online support.

BOOK 2: Road to Leadership! Welcome to one of the most exciting journeys! We invite you to join our Leadership Team, and learn how to build a stable business and advance to the next level of Leadership.

BOOK 3: Become a Leader! The road to leadership is an exciting journey and one never traveled alone. You will learn what it means to be a Leader and why so many Consultants have chosen to build and lead a team.


When: 10/04/2017
Time: 6:00PM PT / 7:00PM MT / 8:00PM CT / 9:00PM ET
For participants: Dial (605) 468-8002
Enter Access Code – 956270#


If you do not like what your business is doing for you, then change how you are working in your business. You are in control of the outcome. Challenge yourself to talk to two (2) new people everyday. This will breathe new life into your business.


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