2018 Make Up Trends Are Here!


2018 Makeup Trends

It’s 2018 and time to check in and see what the new Make Up Trends are. Is it still anything goes, or go bold or go home? Let’s find out!

-Pulse Cosmetics


Lips and Lipstick…

This past year was the year of Liquid to Matte lipsticks! This is still the case, but we are also seeing the regular lipstick tube make a comeback. Something new and something old! Pulse Cosmetics Best sellers: Berry Breeze, Koi, and Bare Truth


Gold Gold Gold!

This is the year of the gold highlighter to turn heads! Add a pop of gold to your brow bone, down the center of your nose, or on your cheek bone! Check out our Gold Metal eyeshadow in the Shimmer and Shine Duet set to get the job done.


Upside Down Eyeliner!

What!!!!! The quickest way to add a little something to your look without requiring too much technique is adding a little colorful eyeshadow to the bottom of your bottom lashes as eyeliner! If you want to set your eyeliner, use Pulse Cosmetics line to seal the deal! Best colors in the Mulberry Duet Shadow Set or the upcoming Purple Shadow Duet Set.


A Pop of Color

Thinking a little smaller, add a pop of color to the inner corner of your eyes to really pack a punch! Something like a soft purple, pink, or champagne! Check out Pulse Cosmetics Neutral Eyeshadow Quad Palette for this look.


Glitter is not going away anytime soon!

2017 was the year of everything glitter, however, in 2018 the trend is a little more subtle. Apply a sheer layer to the center of your eyelid or a heavy coat as bottom eyeliner! Best and favorite Pulse colors are White Diamond or Golden Treasure! Don’t forget best practices and use our Glitz Fix to hold it in place.


So to sum up…you can design your look to be on point with trend, or just have fun and
do whatever makes you feel happy!