Summer Nights Perfect Look in 5 Steps!

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Summer Nights Perfect Look

In 5 Easy Steps!

  1. For a summer nighttime look, the first thing that comes to mind is a smudged/smoked-out eye liner like our eye pencil in Onyx! Less is more in the one wants to wear a lot of makeup on their face when it's hot outside!

  2. Golden sparkle eye shadow on the lid like our eyeshadow in Sun Gold with a warm, almost burnt orange-toned brown in the crease.

  3. To go with that golden shadow and smudged eyeliner, add a dark brick/wine toned purple/brown eye shadow like our eyeshadow Pleasantly Plum in the Neutral Palette to the corner for additional drama.

  4. On the cheeks, bronzer glow, all day, all night! Can't go wrong with some "J Lo" glow! Using our blush in Golden Lady and using our eyeshadow in Sandstone for a little shimmer on the eyes and cheeks.

  5. Lastly, with an ombre deep magenta and a burnt orange lip to tie the look together.

Now go out and have some fun!