how to book

Creating a party is easy. First, fill out all of the party information on the Party & Earn page located on your JewelScent homepage. Enter the first name, last name, and email address of the Host. Select a start date (orders will not count toward the party until this date) and an end date. Maximum party duration is 15 days. Enter a name for the party that guests will see when they shop via the Virtual Party.

Once a party is created, your hostess will receive an email with the Virtual Party link and your consultant information. A temporary account and password will be generated for hostesses that do not have a JewelScent account. Guests who visit the link will be asked to sign a guestbook with their email. Any orders placed thereafter will count toward the party. (Orders must be placed while the party is open.) Your Host will receive a daily email with status updates on the party.