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JewelScent offers a wide selection of home items designed with love to light up your home.  Handcrafted in the US, our collections are thoughtfully curated to leave you completely captivated as if you’re falling in love for the first time.

Our products are made with a luxurious blend of carefully sourced fragrance to leave your home filled with a decadent aroma tapping into each one of your senses and leave you in a state of pure bliss.  Every item is passionately made with trusted hands and love from start to finish. Share it as a thoughtful gift with your loved ones by offering a gift that keeps on giving.

Treat yourself with a little bit of glitz to brighten your day by shopping our Jewelry line, which comprises of a hidden jewel waiting to dazzle you.  From his and her rings to an everyday staple such as a pair of earrings or pendant, JewelScent will both accent your room with tasteful elegance while accessorizing you with the trendiest jewelry pieces today.

Our Essentials line does not come with any jewelry, which reflects the price accordingly.

jewelry line

Each Jewelry product will contain at least one ring, a pair of earrings, or a necklace within them at different starting values ($15 and higher).  With these added gems at the heart of each product in this specially curated line, it will be sure to please anyone it’s gifted to--including yourself!  With the purchase of each Jewelry product, you’ll also receive the opportunity to find a Gold Token to redeem a prize valued anywhere between $100-7500!

essentials line

Our Essentials line does not contain jewelry yet still designed to cater to your everyday desires of filling your room with yummy fragrance!  This line shares a wide mixture of both core scents in addition to exclusive seasonal delicacies ideal for setting the perfect mood with each passing occasion.

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  • Cores Product List - Check out the scents that we keep in stock year-round as all-time favorites. Seasonal scents come and go, but these are here to stay!


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