welcome new consultants!

We want to make sure that you have the best possible start in your new business- so we are here to help. We’ll provide you with the resources you need to understand the fundamentals of growing your own direct sales business. 


new consultant training

It is our mission to provide people the opportunity to gain freedom by building a business selling delightful products people love. We are so thrilled that you are aligned in our mission and have made the decision to live the life of your dreams by starting your own successful business.

Get ready to party with JewelScent! Virtual Parties are an excellent resource in which to build your business. We are ready to support you with the tools and training you need to bring in additional income and provide a pathway to achieving your goals and dreams.

Join us as we teach you how to offer fun, enthusiastic Virtual Parties with JewelScent. Grab your favorite cup of coffee - and let's get started!

Here are four simple steps to start your new journey:


 Step 1

Watch New Consultant Webinar

In the New Consultant Training Video, our Field Development Manager, Karen Braas-Johnson, will help you become acquainted with the world of JewelScent.

Also, meet Amie Larson, our VP of Consultant Development, as she provides you with LIVE training held on the first Wednesday of every month.

 Step 2

Set Up Your Profile & Join the JewelScent Consultant Facebook group

Personalizing your profile is a perfect way to express who you are to your customers. Make your profile fun and reflective of your personality. The JewelScent Consultant Facebook group is a forum for you to connect with other Consultants just like you. Receive up-to-date news, share tips, and grow lasting relationships.

 Step 3

Your online workplace

Your Backoffice is where you will create your JewelScent Virtual Parties, order your personal products, and track your sales, sponsoring and personal achievements.

Start each day by checking your Backoffice early in the morning. In your Backoffice, you will find your personal activity updates, company announcements, training, marketing tools and special Consultant- only offers. You will also find posted events, including in-person training opportunities and weekly training call details.

 Step 4

announce your business

Begin to share the opportunity! We believe that the best avenue for building your business is by scheduling your first Virtual Party. For this Launch Party, you’ll learn firsthand what a Host does to prepare for a successful Virtual Party. At a VP, you sell product, meet new customers and book future Virtual Parties. It’s an opportunity to identify your next New Consultant, train your team, and build relationships. VPs can be booked across the nation, because they’re fun and easy to host and attend!

Don’t forget: There are potential New Consultants all around you! Make a commitment to ‘work’ the JewelScent income opportunity into every conversation you have. Your enthusiasm and belief in what you have to offer will be contagious. Believe that everyone you see DESERVES to hear about your business. Tell them all about our fabulous products and income opportunity!