New Consultant Onboarding

Day 1: Let's get your business started!

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Let’s get your party started!

The first step in your journey is the launch party. We encourage you to start with a self-hosted virtual party (VP) because online selling (also called "digital selling") has grown considerably in the last decade. If you haven't started your launch party yet, make sure you kick one off soon by creating your first virtual party and sharing it with your FRANKS list ("FRANKS" stands for Friends, Relative, Acquaintances, Neighbors, Kids' Friends, and Social Media). Once you've created your party, you will receive a social link that looks like this:

Why Virtual?  Did you know that from 2010 to 2018, digital sales grew by 300% whereas traditional brick & mortar sales fell by 50%. That's right! There's been a huge change as to where and how we shop. So, your early sales will likely be through your launch virtual party.

Where To Invite?  Meet your guests where they are most likely to respond. Email, Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, Text, Messenger - all our viable places (also called "channels") where people communicate digitally. Group your guests in each channel and share organic photos and videos throughout your party. 


The social media landscape for social selling has changed significantly in the last few years. Facebook was an easy channel to gain new customers up until 2017 when they started to implement algorithm changes to curb spamming or unwanted solicitation. To succeed in growing online sales via social media today, you need real engagement and interaction with a user for your post to show up in feeds.

What Happened?  In the last five years, more and more direct selling shifted online, ushering a new era of what we call "social selling". A lot of companies were able to grow very quickly via social media, primarily Facebook. Most companies discouraged reps and consultants from spamming social media. Unfortunately, many took advantage of loose controls and aggressively reached out to social media users who didn't want to be contacted. Starting in 2017, social media evolved its algorithms to account for bad actors and suppress posts that looked like sales solicitation.

How To Succeed?  In order to show up in news feeds, you will need to have organic interaction with friends. For your self-hosted party, you need to have been in touch with online contacts previously. For member-hosted parties, your host should invite people who they've interacted with recently as well. (Note - you will be expanding your business via member-hosted parties by expanding your social graph through hosts' networks.)

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Email, messenger platforms, and text can be used to invite and interact with virtual party guests. Most people have a smartphone today and likely prefer certain communication channels over others. It's your job to figure out where to corral your guests. Keep groups in each communication channel limited to guests you think will be open to interacting with other guests. (eg. Create a WhatsApp group message for no more than 8 people.)

Post organic / self-generated content of either photos or videos into the channel throughout the party. Make sure that the photos or videos you post feel real. Studies show that people in digital groups prefer imperfect but honest media. Make the content personal.

Remember - there's no such thing as perfect. So practice makes you better. Resilience and the willingness to keep trying is the only way your digital sales will grow.

Information regarding Virtual Parties are in the Consultant Onboarding Guide.  The best way to improve your party performance is working with a sponsor or closest team leader on tips.