New Consultant Onboarding

Day 2 - Commissions and personal sales!

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sell more, earn more, save more.

As you make your first sales, you’ll receive notification emails regarding your new members (customers linked to you) and earnings. You’ll be able to review all Activity in your Backoffice.

(Reminder - your backoffice credentials are same as your JewelScent Main Site login and accessed at


You earn 20% immediately for all personal sales once an order is confirmed. Your 20% commission is transferred into your account as store credit (which will be used automatically to pay for any personal purchases you make) until the next pay cycle - at which point any balance of commission in store credit will be debited and paid out to you via our payment partner Paylution*. All personal sales will count toward Personally Qualified Volume (PQV)- which is the monthly cumulative volume of personal retail sales and purchases.

*Note: You should have been directed to set up your Paylution account immediately after becoming a Consultant. Please reach out to your sponsor or support if you need help.

How Do I Earn More? Earn an additional 15% on PQV by unlocking Bonus Levels. There are three Bonus Levels that unlock an additional 5% bonus at each of the following PQV tiers: $50, $750, and $1500. At $50 PQV (also the minimum qualified volume), you get a 5% bonus. At $750 PQV, you get another 5% bonus. At $1500 PQV, you get yet another 5% bonus. The three PQV Bonuses totaling 15% plus your default 20% commission earn you up to 35% commission on all personal sales and purchases.


An example of your sales earning potential...

Once you reach a Bonus Level PQV, an additional 5% bonus is unlocked on your entire PQV for the month. The bonus applies to what you've already sold or purchased, as well as what you will sell or purchase through the end of the month. So your goal is to reach these Bonus Levels quickly.

So let's say you sold $500 in personal retail sales through your launch party, your Level I Bonus for the month is 5% of $500 ($25).  You will get the 5% bonus for all sales and purchaes for the rest of the month.

Your Earnings So Far: 20% of $500 in personal sales = $100. $100 + $25 Level I Bonus = $125 in commission. That's 25% in commission. (see below)

A FRANKS list is a quick and easy way to think of people in the various parts of your life. Use your FRANKS List and your Facebook friends to create your personal guest list. You’ll want to be strategic about who you invite – personally invite 10-30 guests so they feel appreciated, valued and honored to attend. 


The Next Bonus Level II...

Next if you buy or sell another $250 in product for the month, you've reached the Level II Bonus and an additional 5% bonus is applied to your entire PQV for the month.  You've sold $500 and another $250 = $750. $750 x 5% Level II Bonus = $37.50. 

Your Earnings Become: 20% of first $500 in sales + 20% of additional $250 in PQV + 5% of $750 as Level I Bonus + 5% of $750 as Level II Bonus = $225 in commission. That's 30% in commission. (see below)


Finally, if you do more parties, site sales, or purchase for in-person sales to grow your PQV to $1500 for the month, the final Level III Bonus is unlocked and you receive an additional 5% bonus.  $1500 x 5% = $75.

You Will Earn: 20% on $1500 in PQV + Level I, II, and III Bonuses of 5% each = $525. That's 35% in commission. (see below)

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