New Consultant Onboarding

Day 3 - Personal purchases

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stock up and save!


Earn Up to 40% on Retail Sales from Purchased Inventory. Learn about all the discounts and bonuses that apply to maximize your profit as a Consultant.

Your Consultant Price for all products is 20% less than the retail price and is displayed when you log in with your consultant account. If you're a hobbyist and looking to save on purchases and earn free products, 20% may suit your need. There are plenty of ways to save and earn more through personal purchases.

Additional Discounts & Bonuses Apply

Preorder Discount: We launch new products frequently and when we do, Consultants have first dibs to nab those products at 30% off during a 5-day Preorder Window. (PQV Bonuses apply on top of the Preorder discount.) The Preorder Window closes on the fifth calendar day from launch, so make sure to take advantage and save.

3 Stackable Volume Discounts at $50 / $150 / $250: We have just implemented three stackable volume discounts that save you more when you buy, designed to give you more profit from in-person retail sales. You will receive an additional 5% discount on an order of $50 or more, another 2.5% discount if the order reaches $150, and another 2.5% discount if the order reaches $250 or more. That's an 10% additional discount when you place an order of $250 or more! Couple Volume Discounts with PQV Bonuses and you will be earning up to 40% in retail profit per sale.

Remember the 3x PQV Bonus Level at $50 / $750 / $1500? Personal purchases count toward your Personally Qualified Volume (PQV) and PQV Bonuses apply. Remember, you unlock PQV Bonuses when your PQV reaches $50, $750, and $1500. Once you reach $50 in PQV, you get the 5% Bonus Level I of your PQV in commission for the entire month. That means anything you've purchased or purchase throughout the month will earn you 5% bonus. At $750 in PQV, an additional 5% Bonus Level II unlocks.  And at $1500 in PQV, the final 5% Bonus Level III unlocks. You'll get receive those bonuses back at the next pay cycle once they're unlocked. You can think of these bonuses as additional discounts or profits that you've banked once reached.

Specials: Our Specials category feature items placed on sale at what we call "Specials Price". Specials priced items are generally discounted anywhere from 10-50% off. Make sure to take advantage of Specials to maximize your sales profits or use them as bonus items to drive sales.


How Much Can I Earn? Can I really earn 40%?


Place a single order of $50 and you'll automatically get a 5% Volume Discount added to your cart. You'll also unlock the PQV Bonus Level I as your PQV will have reached $50 for the month. If you were to sell the items you ordered at retail, you'd earn 28% on that sale.

Consider placing a larger order of $150 and unlock the next 2.5% Volume Discount. Without having unlocked the PQV Bonus Level II, you'll earn 30% on the retail sale of the items you ordered.

But you can earn more....


If you always place orders of $150 or more and reach $750 in PQV for the month, your earnings will reach 34% once you resell the inventory.

Want to earn even more?


Place orders of $250 or more to grow or replenish your inventory and reach $1500 in PQV for the month to unlock the highest earning potential of 40% of retail sales.


You'll need inventory to start in-person sales. We recommend investing about $250 into an initial inventory set to do home parties, shows, and 1:1 sales. Your inventory should reflect your personal taste alongside our known bestsellers. Work with your sponsor to plan an initial inventory set or contact corporate for guidance should you need input.

Why $250? $250 buys you between 15-25 items depending on what inventory you select. For Jewelry items, we recommend selecting sizes between 7-9 for ring products and pendant/necklace for non-ring products. Place a replicated site order for your in-person sale where you don't have the size or jewelry type they want. (Place the order at time of sale to ensure inventory availability.)

$250 also gets you additional +10% Volume Discounts over your standard 20% consultant discount. You're getting a huge discount off your initial inventory. You've also unlocked the 5% Bonus Level I, so an additional 5% on the purchase of $250 will come back to you in commissions, meaning you'll earn approximately 35% from your sales.

Charge for Shipping. We ship by weight and many of our products are heavy. Our calculator works like this. $7.55 for the first 3 pounds and $1.25 per pound additional (US rates, International rates apply separately). So, here's a general guide to how much to add for shipping.

  • Classic Jewelry Candles - $3.75

  • Signature Jewelry Candles - $3.75

  • Essentials Jar Candles - $1.25

  • Bath Bombs (Both Jewelry and Essentials) - $1.25

  • Legacy Design Jewelry - $1.25

Taxes apply based on your city and state. You are responsible for charging the applicable sales tax depending on the city and state you are in when making the sale. Do not include the shipping charge you assess when calculating taxes.

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