New VIP CUSTOMER Onboarding

ENROLLMENT: Welcome to the family!

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Congratulations on starting your very own JewelScent business! You are part of a Family that's vested in your success. Whether you just love to shop or plan to build a business, we're here for you.

Our founders, Sara and Jay Cheng, have been pouring love and delight into JewelScent since 2013. Our candles and tarts feature artisan fragrances in a luxury coconut soy wax. Our bath and body products are made with ingredients that soften and soothe, leaving your skin with a delicious scent.  JewelScent has partnered with a few other brands to provide a catalog of delightful products that your customers will love.

Your first line of contact is your upline sponsor. We suggest that you set up an onboarding call with your sponsor, as having support from an upline sponsor helps tremendously with growth in your business.

One key people you'll quickly know and love is Amie Larson, our VP of Sales and Business Development. We recommend going to your sponsor or team leader (you'll be introduced to them by your sponsor) with most questions and concerns.

The best way to kickstart your business is by customizing a starter kit that best fits your needs. Pick and choose items that you'd love to try or stock up on personal inventory by taking 20% off of your first purchase with us with the following coupon code:


This one time offer is available to you to redeem any time through using a VIP Customer account only; Members excluded. Cannot be stacked with other promotional offers.  Specials, Pre-Sales, Incentives, Prize Club boxes and Events excluded. Redeemable on full-priced JewelScent and Legacy Design Products only.

First things…

First, let's you get connected. JewelScent currently communicates through a private Facebook group called 'JEWELSCENT VIP Customer Page' and via email. You or your sponsor may request to be added to the JewelScent VIP Customer group at any time.  Please make sure to add '' to your address book so your email service provider recognizes our emails. (Please note that unsubscribing from emails will unsubscribe you from all newsletter and promotional emails.)

Next, you'll need to know where everything is.

Finally, you'll want to familiarize yourself with a few key concepts. Social selling is simple but not easy, meaning that the process of building your business is straightforward but takes time to learn and grow.

  • Online Sales (also called "Digital" or "Virtual Selling") - currently primarily done in "Virtual Parties" (VP's) in which a Host invites guests to the party and earns Host Rewards if a VP reaches certain sales criteria.

  • Virtual Parties - an online sales event conducted on the Main Website where a host is identified (can be "self-hosted") and guests register.

  • In-Person Sales (also called "Offline" or "Traditional Selling") - currently done at home parties, events, shows, and 1-on-1 sales.


Let’s Launch

If you are comfortable with online platforms, then kicking off should be easy. Feel free to reach out to your sponsor for help or access our New VIP Customer Onboarding Guide in the Resource Center for detailed instructions on each step.

First, let's set up your profile at the Main Website by navigating to ACCOUNT >> MY ACCOUNT. Fill in all relevant information and select a username which will be used in the URL of your replicated site (eg.

Next, start online selling by creating a Virtual Party here. Your first party will be your self-hosted kickoff party. Once you create a party, you will receive a social link to the party. The social link is where you'll invite friends and family to register as your guest/customer and support your business. (Note: You will use member-hosted VPs to grow by partnering with hosts that will invite people you don't already know.)

Don't invite your entire address book to the party. We recommend inviting no more than 40 guests to a party. Use a FRANKS list (explained in Resources) to identify which people should be invited.

Finally, pair in-person selling with your online sales. Use your Consultant discount to stock up on scents you feel confident to share. Book an event, show, or home party and invite those that would prefer to experience the product firsthand in real life.