Who to invite?

As a JewelScent Consultant, you have the opportunity to create and hold Virtual Parties. Everything you need to do to grow a successful business can be done through a Virtual Party. It’s your “All-in-One” business activity. At a Virtual Party, you sell product, meet new customers and book future Virtual Parties. It’s an opportunity to identify your next new Consultant, train your team, and build relationships. Holding Virtual Parties consistently will increase your business skills and customer service confidence. Virtual Parties can be booked across the nation, because they’re fun and easy to host and attend! Now, how do you get started?


A FRANKS list is a quick and easy way to think of people in the various parts of your life. Use your FRANKS List and your Facebook friends to create your personal guest list. You’ll want to be strategic about who you invite – personally invite (by text, phone, or even Facebook message) 10-50 guests so they feel appreciated, valued, and honored to attend.


texting blitz

Now that you have your invitee list ready to go, do a “Texting Blitz” to book three (3) Virtual Parties for your first week of business. A Texting Blitz is designed to help you book Virtual Parties quickly. Cell phones have become one of the strongest forms of communication. Decisions to learn, purchase and commit are made in a matter of minutes. Every time you’re looking to fill open dates in your calendar, conduct a Texting Blitz. Conducting a Texting Blitz on a regular basis will give you a new surge of business opportunities. Here is an example of a text message you can send to the contacts in your cell phone. Have fun watching the bookings come in!

"Hi! I’ve just started my own business with JewelScent and I am so excited! I’ve been asked to send a text invitation to those who might help me get my new business started. Virtual Parties are a fun and convenient way to shop with your friends and earn FREE products. I’m booking JewelScent Virtual Parties for my first week in business and would to have you be one of my Hosts. All I need right now is a “YES” or “NO”. If you say “YES”, I’ll call you later to schedule a date and time."


go for the no's

Booking Virtual Parties can be difficult if you are not aware of the theory behind collecting “NO’s” It’s a fact that after offering the opportunity to book a Virtual Party or purchase a product, most people will reject the opportunity. Having this knowledge is comforting to the business owner who knows that as soon as you get the 10th “No” ...a YES is just around the corner. The goal? Collect 100 NOs and when you do, you have most likely booked 10 Virtual Parties!

Consistently booking and holding JewelScent Virtual Parties is an excellent foundation on which you can build your business. Every Virtual Party you hold will add to your income goals and provide the opportunity for you to book additional VPs. A full calendar of Virtual Parties is where your success will always begin.


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