why sponsor

Sponsoring is the act of offering another person the opportunity to build their own JewelScent business. When you experience the income, freedom and flexibility of owning your own business, you’ll find yourself offering the opportunity for others to do the same. Sponsoring is a natural part of growing your business and building your organization. There are benefits and rewards for both the Sponsor and the new Consultant who choose to share the JewelScent opportunity!



1. Sponsoring is a gift - a gift that keeps on giving. It gives others an opportunity to add another avenue of income to their family budget and an opportunity to develop their entrepreneurial skills.

2. Sponsoring is fun! With each new Consultant you sponsor, you grow a team of people who share their own special skill set adding a variety of strengths and talents to your organization.

3. Sponsoring brings new friends and lasting friendships! You’re surrounded with help and support as they bring excitement and value to your team!

4. Sponsoring builds confidence! Confidence to share the JewelScent income opportunity with everyone you meet.

5. Sponsoring means more Consultants sharing the JewelScent brand and product lines, which builds brand recognition and contributes to everyone’s success.

6. Sponsoring leads to rank advancement for you and your organization! It allows you to develop your leadership skills and to mentor others to become a leader.

7. Sponsoring leads to earning company incentives and the JewelScent annual Dream Getaway trip.

8. Sponsoring provides a platform for you to discover and develop skills and talents you never knew you had!


As you Sponsor and build a team, you will receive rewards and recognition for your personal achievements and your team’s performance. With every level achieved, you will enjoy increased income opportunities and perks of leadership.

Why sponsor? Because no matter how successful you are in your personal business, you can never do the work of a team. Teamwork is fun and rewarding.


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